Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Whats the best?

Years pass and years go...
Some are fast and some are slow
Each had moments of smiles and tears
Of actualization of dreams as well as fears

Yet its all exciting isn't it?
To have a place where you fit.
To have people to share the new year with
What's better than a family to live with?

Why then do we have to go for work afar?
Why destiny closes the doors that were once ajar?
Is it something just and right?
Or is it something we should fight?

Don't take me away from my nest
Oh please don't put my emotions to test
I don't care what's best
I just want everyday to end in a rest

Life Changes, so do people

Life seems to be so easily represented in phases and each phase to meet represents people. Of course some people continue through all phases , for those we are lucky. But there are others whom we wish to stay forever but they don't. Sometimes they never really go away physically and just grow apart. At other times, the physical distance gradually draws you apart. I never expected this but it happens sometimes. It's when changes happen so slowly that you never notice them that they hurt. You don't miss those people, you miss that time, that phase, which can of course never be repeated.

It's like when you go away from college and you continue to meet old friends, it's normal but when you can't even do that, you miss "those days " so much more.

It's the people who make memories not phases. But when people change, you look for good memories in those phases.

Why do people change?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Love and learn or learn and love...that is the question

What is more important in life? To learn or to love. I would say love. Experiences help us grow and learn but what if they are at the cost of discomfort not just for you but also for loved ones? Then what? Can you assume that loved ones may also need to learn and go along with it or should you assume that nothing can make you grow more than love?

Tagged! 5 Things before I die.....

Been tagged by Geetika. Took many days to get to writing this one. I guess when it comes down to it, somethings are too private to write down here....committing here means I can't run away from them...however will write a few some fun ones and some serious ones..........5 is easier than 10!

1)Read lots and lots with my own private library. Sometimes books are like best friends.

2)Write a book

3)Experience the various flavors of life...

4)Learn lots

5)Love lots


They were a new "couple", even that word seemed foreign that time, but they had starry eyes and they were happy, ohh so blissfully happy with each other. At the same time, they were a couple with values and limits and willingness to follow that.
But they were carefree like kids, walking together holding hands and talking as they walked out of college for the day, both having done well in "final practicals". Suddenly out of no where ,came 3 men and started shouting at them. "Don't you know how to walk in college. Do you think this is a garden?" The spell was broken.
The girl was scared, the guy irritated. Neither was actually "punished", only lectured. Some would say "forget it", it hardly affected them. No, at the practical level it hardly did. But what about their lost peace of mind and lost carefreeness? How does one go about measuring that?

At the same time another solitary girl was walking into the same college being verbally harassed by rude and "suggestive" teacher. But there was no one to help her. There was another group of students "discussing" their exams as the invigilator had conveniently gone out "for a while" . There no one to help the girl and no one to monitor the group may be because the trio was too busy talking about "this generation" not knowing "how to walk".

So through this blog, I am going to be bold enough to say, no I don't feel "Public Displays of Affection"( of such forms) are wrong. In this world full terrorism, why should love be suppressed? Love like laughter is contagious and seeing a couple happy together would make or at least should make people smile and feel good. Yes I agree that there should be limit and intimacies should be avoided and those people discouraged. But why should all others of the generation suffer and be blamed for them? Give them a break, let them enjoy being happy. Hugging someone or holding hands isn't going to kill anyone! Take your time out to catch bigger and more dangerous issues troubling the society.......there are plenty!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Goodness of life

It's true...all that you want does come to you!
Ultimately good things do happen even if after long struggle so it's best not to despair but to remember this.

Monday, December 08, 2008

True Love

Barbra Streisand depicts true and pure love so beautifully in this song...

Here as I lay beside you, I know
How grateful my heart feels
Knowing that you've come
In my world to stay
Now I know my life has finally begun
That dream, that's promised everyone
Now when the world around me looks gray
I look into your eyes and all the darkness goes
I can find my way
Finally I know I'm never alone
A light inside will lead me home
Remember it's all there is
Remember it's all there was
The answer is right here in our hands
And know if our hearts are true
There's nothing we have to do
You and me for always
Now when I wake each morning I say
No need to look ahead
Leave the past behind
Here's a brand new day
Suddenly my life is perfectly clear
The love we found was always here
Remember it's all there is
Remember it's all there was
The answer is right here in our hands
And know if our hearts are true
There's nothing we have to do
You and me for always
Never ending, never changing
The answer is here in our hands
Always reaching , always climbing
You and me for always
Ever loving, ever lasting
The answer is here in our hands
Always changing, always loving...

After even the coldest winter comes spring.......read it somewhere and loved it.So true.

If only

It's horrible when people tell you "You should have done this...how could you not do this?"
They make you regret what you have reconciled yourself to. The best thing to do under the circumstances is not to allow them to. There was probably good in whatever happened in whatever way.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Things do work out in the end somehow.....
But it's still as difficult to realize that earlier

Monday, November 17, 2008

Good lesson

"Always look for simple solutions. And learn to focus on solutions, not on problems."
Read this somewhere and liked it. It makes sense. It's just that we forget it at times.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cheer up!

OK so how can I avoid the tradition of not blogging when I am busiest?
This one comes after long time. And I have nothing to write.
It can happen sometimes that you take yourself too seriously and that can be very harmful because if you look for reasons as to why you are upset, you find 10 more which you didn't know and you will go down further. This is a continual process.
Whats helps more is to pamper yourself and look out for something nice. Forget what others should or shouldn't do. Vent out all and let go.
What I have learnt again and again is that it's best to speak out then let things eat you away.
In comments I want more "good cheer up tricks".
I am making a start :
1) A good long conversation
2) A good big hug (no don't wink, I mean by parents :P)
3) A good novel.....sigh!
4) Chocolate
5) Work...yes work satisfaction is a great high!
6) Going out if time permits
7)A good new dress
8) Window shopping also does the trick for me!
9)Cricket...it inspires...provided India wins :P
10) Doodling, be it of any form also works its wonders...c pic in right!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Being careful is very important! Everywhere.

Better be over-precautious than wind up making some mistake you will always regret.

But then CAN everyone be careful? And doesn't the stress of it affect our living sometimes?

Can't there be some guidelines to be followed for it?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This comes a bit late but didn't know what to write about this subject yet couldn't leave it either.
The point is, we don't really know how to react. Only those who are directly affected know what they have lost. And some are not even alive to know that anymore. And they were innocent bystanders. With friends. With families. With work. With dreams and wishes. With a reason to celebrate and shop in this case. And suddenly it's doomsday. And so on for their families also because family is also a living unit and each part is connected to other parts. Yes time heals everything. I still don't understand how but I have to believe that it does. But questions aren't wounds to be healed. I mean who can answer the "whys"?

No, terrorism doesn't really create "terror" anymore. People don't really get scared. They take part in the drama. They sypathise. And they move on. Except a few who probably can never. So what's the purpose? Why don't they ever go and kill the people who do affect them? And why don't they go and kill the devil inside themselves?

Ok, I know it's wistful thinking.sigh.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

What who where when why?

What would you do,
If time was more and tasks few?
If you got bored someday out of the blue?
If all days were old and nothing was new?

What would you say,
If after long to God you would pray?
If you had wasted many a day,
If you felt as if left you had gone astray?

Who would you hold,
If in public you could kiss?
If to hug loved ones you were enough bold?
If you could choose between another miss and bliss?

Where would you go?
If you didn't want to go with the flow?
If the way to your heart you didn't know?
If you had to risk all to glow?

Where would you look?
If you felt even in yourself a slight crook?
If there were no answers in any book?
If your inadequacies even loved one wouldn't brook?

When would you get up?
If everyone saw you drop?
If you could still relax with a bed and a tea cup?
If you could choose when to move on and when to stop?

Yet,why wouldn't you live,
If your heart is still positive?
If you still feel you have something to give?
If someone still finds your smile curative?

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Oh mightiest fury,
Thou hath no charm to me.
Nor will thine place exist in GOD's jury,
So haunt me no longer i plea.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Right or wrong

There seems to be no absolute "right". It amazes me how our views change from what we find wrong until we are in a similar situation and wonder why we didn't give others the benefit of doubt. But what's confusing is this way it can get difficult to know what to do. It only helps in telling us to be less judgemental about others.

I remember my very wise Sanskrit teacher once telling us about"Vivek" -the ability to know right from wrong-which distinguishes humans from non-humans. How does that come into play now.I wish I could ask her:( Some teachers are too good to be ever forgotten and I have been very lucky to have many such supporting my throughout my career...even now...they play a "too vital" role. I mean I have never been an extrovert but these gem of people draw can you out and there no need of personal talk or nonsense chitchat. Sometimes pure understanding and relations require very few words. I guess sometimes I remember my teachers more than friends, from childhood, except few close ones.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistantship is like nurturing flower buds....protecting them from weeds and some insects but not all.....being gentle but not completely so...allowing them the space to grow....isolating the ones which may need more attention....
It's a big responsibility but the flowers produced are worth it...though they belong to the owner and not to the gardner nurtured them!

And who can know better than students what new students need...esp those lil quiet and maybe lil slow ones...guidance can do wonders I believe and so can encouragement...esp in those initial steps...

I love it!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Love and friendship

Nothing can be better than having someone with whom you can share anything in the world and to feel safe and know that they understand

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Do terrorists have no conscience?

Do terrorists have no conscience? And if they do then how can they live with themselves after killing people...people who they never even knew?
And if they do then are so brainwashed that they believe they are doing right? Are they actually mad?
If so should they be pitied?
I mean you are only wrong if you know that you doing wrong and you continue to do so...
So should the people who train be blamed? Do they do this for private gains? Who is to blame and how can religion be responsible? I mean anyone who believes in God sincerely would realise that religion is something sacred and private and universal. Religions are just different ways of communicating with God. But even the heart is enough for that. To listen your conscience is the truest religion.God cannot like his own creations being harmed...least of all by themselves.
Why don't people understand this simple truth. It's so sad and yet mind boggling.

Andar se yeh awaz aayi hai

Hanste hanste bhi zindagi bhi mein ek khamoshi si chhai hai
Naa jaane kahanse is bheed mein aayi yeh tanhaai hai

Bhaagte bhaagte ek thakaan si aayi hai
Theher ke dekho kabhi, kahan khogayi apni hi parchhayi hai

Har kaamyabi ke piche koi na koi hansi murjaayi hai
Aage badte badte kyunki guzare zamane ki pukar yeh hawa laayi hai?

Sabkuch hote hue kyun kabhi aankhon mein ek nami aayi hai?
kyun rehti hai talash waisi jo kabhi naa poori ho paayi hai?

Apni dil ki gunj to chipaaye na chip paayi hai
Bhulte nhi bhulati kuch baatien yeh aaj fir kaisi yaad aayi hai?

Waqt ne fir yeh kaisi bhuli hui dhun sunayi hai?
Judi hai humse jo yaadein vo kuch chahyi anchahyin hai

Suraj ke hote hue bhi roshni mein parchayi hai
Raasta seedha tha par fir kyun itni thokkar humne khaayi hai?

Andar se yeh awaz aayi hai
Shayad thoda deere hai chalna humein jisse asmaan na sahi , zameen to nazar mein aayi hai.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Movies and Novels...

Learning is what you remember after you have forgotten...
Read lots of novels...wanted to share two...
To kill a mockingbird....Fell below my expectations but loved this sentence...
"I didn't love reading. You don't love to breathe".

Next one...Witch of Portobello and Brida...selected lots of quotes in them...will pen them sometime but too lazy right now....

But what I remember most has almost nothing to do with the theme but it stuck to me( maybe not exactly same words)....
"Do not be irritated but doing dishes or making food...be glad that you have food to make ...and be glad that you have people to share it with you... millions don't."

Read "A walk to remember" and watched the movie also. For the first time I say that the movie is better. It's no unique story...but it's portrayed with such delicateness and subtlety that it's beautiful.
A guy asks her dad for asking the girl out on a date.
The guy asks before he kisses .
The guy fulfils all her dreams before she dies.
The girl guides him to his dreams.
The girl's dad and the guy remain in touch.

"Yup I am romantic any day of the year"...if you can say this, it's a movie of your dreams...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Who knows whats good for you

Had read about the New York law of writing calorie count next to the fast food item....hmm We could do with that law here I guess!

But on second thoughts I wonder if it is a good idea...I mean why not just let people get a life -even out of eating if they enjoy it and are passionate about it. Life is short. But making it sweet can make shorter still!

It's a paradox!

But I personally feel that anything that creates passion is worth it ...it makes you come alive...But passion shouldn't be addiction...And yet I can't think of pasison as but that!

Another paradox.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Don't pity your aloneness(not lonliness), enjoy solitude when you get a chance, you wouldn't get it too often!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

What matters

It's not always the big things. It's not the strangers at work place. It's the everyday things with people who are part of our everyday life that matter the most. Just because they will understand doesn't mean we should concentrate on the rest...it just gives us more of a reason to take care in those little everyday actions...they would appreciate at heart and we would also feel much better.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


There seems to be stalemate in life...
nothing to say ,
nothing to hear
how to bear,
as life tumbles into the ocean of nothingness,
nothingness camouflaged by busyness,
the heart dissolves into emptiness

Sunday, June 29, 2008

New age political criteria

The polititians want to set reservations everywhere even when they aren't required and only seem to create barriers which don't really exist in this generation and they seem find great pleasure in targeting India's pride-The IIT's.

Well I would love to give it back to them. Let them make decisions for us when they are equal to it. Let there be stringent criteria for people to enter into politics.

I would suggest
1)a minimum graduate degree/ some specialized course
2)with at least 4 years' worth social service and
3)some kind of specialist training institutes could be opened to give moral training as well( may be 6 months' worth).

Well after that, if they decide this then I promise not to object to their decision and neither would others I guess!

And no I am not crazy. The country's leaders need to be educated, sensitive to plight of the people and aware of moral responsibilities.
And each is covered in this criteria. But who will implement it?????

Saturday, June 28, 2008

What I say...

Everyone has at least a few minutes' worth conversation to share ....and with some you are meant to share just that!

Love is when you start of with starry eyes,then get back to normal and accept and continue to love the person and suddenly keep getting back the starry eyes for the same person:)

It's strange how people so far away physically
can be closer and people nearby can drift away.

You may not be there to share every moment and every silly secret with me but you are still close to my heart because I think of you and preserve things to tell you !

Does friendship require effort?

It's frustrating to have
conversations like
:"What's up? nothing". Why does that happen?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's a "too busy world"

A thin veil covers my eyes , my soul , my heart,

It isolates me from this world so big

Where people have no time , no smile and lost heart

Listen to what I say not for once can't you?

No matter how many they may be moments with you seem so few,

Don't you know that I miss you?


Who is the "you" all may ask

It's the world at large

Everyone rushing away with a more important task

Than just a simple gentle friendly chat

When was the last time together you and your mother sat?

Or are you too busy with deadlines, parties and fighting that fat?


Pain isn't only by big things but sometimes lil things hurt so,

And we try disguising it not knowing the reason the heart wants to cry

It isn't crazy , not everything has a reason and one who cares also needs to sometimes let it show

Why be available if you are busy

Old fashioned and demanding as it may be,

We find time for things that matter according to me

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Ok so I am taking this tag of taps but with the warning that the songs maybe a lil half complete kinds with missing words!lol!But still enjoyed it....

1.Love at first sight

"Pehle nasha...

naya pyar hai anaya intezar,karlun main kya pana haal ae dile bekaraar ,mere dile bekaraar tu hi bta......."
"Kyun aaj kal neend kum khwaab jyada hain...
Lagta khuda ka koi nake iraada hai,
kal tha fakeer dil aaj shahjyada hai,
kya mujhe pyaar hai hai ya..."

2.I love you
"Humein tumse pyaar hai kitna..."
"kaate nhi katte yeh din yeh raat....
kehni thi tumse jo pyaar ki baat,
lo aaj main keh rhi hun...
I Love You"

3.Life is a mystery
"kaisi paheli hai yeh zindagani..."

4.Life is nothing but a moment
"ek din mit jayega maati ke mol..."
"pal pal pal pal har pal ,
kaise katega yeh pal har pal"

5.Far from the madding crowds
"chod aaye hum"

6.Absolute high
"aaj main upar
aasman niche
aaj main aage
zamaana hai piche.."

7.Walk by my side
"aa chalke tujhe main leke chalon,
ek aese dagar ke tale,
jahan ghum bhi na hon
aansu bhi naa ho
bas pyaar hi pyaar chale"

"aage aage chalen hum piche piche geet sajna
tere mere hothon pe mithe mithe geet sajna"

"paas paas hum saath saath yum baatithe rahen....ek dooje ko yehi kehte rahen,

kabhi main kahun , kabhi tum kaho,ki maine tumhe yeh dil de diya..."

8.Consoling the self
"bhoolja jo hua usse bhoolja"

9.The long and winding roads...
"Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh...
kahan shuru kahan khatam"

"Socho ke jheelon ke shahar ho
leheron pe apna ke ghar ho
hum jo dekhen sapne pyaare
sach hon saare"
"awaara bhanware..."

11.The love makes the heart go crazy
"pyar diwana hota hai mastana hota hai,
har khushi se har ghum se begana hota hai"

12.Life is beautiful
" I am alive"!(Celien Dion)

13.Smile n Shine
"Musu Musu Hasi, Deu Malai Lai Musu Musu Hasi Deu
Zara Muskura De, Mukura De Zara Muskura De, Aye Khushi "

14.You are all I have
"Tu hi tu satrangi re"

15.Can't get enough of you
"teri meri, meri teri ek jaan hai,
saath tere rahenge sada,
ab hum naa honge juda
tumse milke aese laga
tumse milke"

"Jag ne chhina mujhse mujhe jo bhi laga pyaara
tum haar ke dil apna yeh jeet amar kardo
hotthon se chhulo tum,mere geet amar kardo"

17.Life is a dream
"khwabon ki yeh duniya hai khwabo mein hi rehna hai
waqt ne hamehsan yahan naye khel khele hain
kuch bhi ho jaye bas khsush rehna hai"

18.Dreams can get shattered
"tokarde tokarde ho gaya tha har sapna jab vo tootha.."

19.Lift all broken pieces and try again
"bikhare tokadon mein allah ki marji ka manjar paayega"

20.Work is bliss!
"Nirbal se ladai balwan ki yeh kahani hai diye ki aur toofan ki"

21.Fly away
"udta hi firun in hawaon mein kahin, ya main jhool jaun in ghataon mein kahin,
ek kardun aasman aur zameen"

"Rahe koi laakh pardon mein ,dare sharamse,
nazar koi laakh chuke sanam se,
aa hi jaata hai dil jis pe aana hota hai"

Friday, June 06, 2008

Random Writing Test:)

Usually I blog when I have something to say.Something stays in mind my for few hours if not few days. But this one is different. This is random to nothingness blog!Lwt's see what comes out in 15mins!

Sometimes you get overwhelmed when you realise how much you are loved
Sometimes you wish you could give that bit more instead of being lazy
Sometimes the best of things happen when all seems hazy
Sometimes you fear going crazy

The day doesn't end as it starts
Moods are like shades
Joy comes as sorrow fades
The teacher of life gives unexpected grades

So never despair or fear
Its ok to indulge, buy that new dress
It's ok to relax, no need to overstress
And of your leisure freely confess

For after some time with double vigor you will work
Coz leisure feel even better after works' pleasure
All moments with loved one's being an equal treasure
For love and work have no measure

Thursday, May 29, 2008


"Little Women" is a must read for all females and for all males who want to understand them.
What's so good about it is that it so wholesome and clean and pure. An instinctive "feel good" book though not necessary completely happy. But it covers everything, relations, aspirations and emotions.
Francis Bacon rightly said,

“Some books are to be tasted; others swallowed; and some to be chewed and digested.”

This is one to be chewed and digested and cherished in the heart. It's very vital what we read 'coz we imbibe certain characteristics based on that. So it makes sense to read some books which would mould us better. Of course if we strive deep enough we will find good or bad in any book but it's more likely to get good in this book. But I feel even Enid Blyton is splendid for any age 'coz long forgotten lessons of purity and goodness do come back to you in it sometimes ...Isay that from experience! Even without that, it's always good to read your childhood favs once in a while - gives a kind of security and childlike carefreeness.

"Brida" is another masterpiece-the author holds you gently and takes you out of this world while showing you parts of this world which you missed out while in it. It's a miracle how such a book is written!

Of course there are too many good books for me to write about...books almost always seem to keep me good company!

Little strokes fell great oaks

It feels good to be appreciated...it's strange how sometimes we feel no one notices or cares about the little things that we seem to toil over or take pride in but mark my words-that is never so. So it's best to do each little task with full vigor.
Cricket shows this...take time to notice sometimes how fielders give their all to save even a run and not just in crunch situations but as a habit.
But then I also feel we mustn't overdo it-I mean if a class player gets badly injured before a vital game in order to save a non-match threatening run, then won't it be better if he taken little care of himself also?
So it's OK to take a holiday now and then to rest yourself when required especially when you know you are not at a crucial stage. But when you do work, give your best and never be discouraged by thinking that "this matters to no one". It always does for "little strokes fell great oaks"

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Food for thought!

Some of the best sayings I have read...credit goes to Sunday TOI....just
collecting my fav ones.......

"Pure sentiment is everything.With it, nothing can fail, without it nothing can succeed"

"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection and not a fountain , to show them we love them not when we feel like it but when they do"

"Advice is like snow- the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper it sinks into the mind"

"Never pretend to a love you do not feel, for love is not ours to command"

"Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open"

"Relationships are how we relate to others"

"To help other, it is enough to perfect your art"

"Even if two people are together, it doesn't mean that either can forget that each has a life of their own also"

"One of the reasons people hold onto memories so tightly is because memories are the only things that don't change when everything else does"

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

PG Express 2

We come back in circles.......a year has gone by since I joined here......and now again I see interviews being held...brings back a nostalgia and makes me think back on how life has been here.

How I have begun to love my institute with time.......it's given me a lot.....gone is the laid back attitude and last minute rushes(OK to some extent only), it's replaced with a passion to work and work satisfaction....
The second semester started on hard work and serious attitude...right from hols...with the project which rescued me away from low confidence.
Every moment has been unique and there have been so many learning experiences...
At each new thing to learn and I would groan.."how can I possibly do this?" and then with great guidance and encouragement , I would move on...pestering some friends a lot also by talking about nothing else but the work assigned! I remember the days of staying back and working when all were free to chill out.But it was worth it.Then suddenly it would work and I would be delighted!And so the process cycle continued!

Then came my fav subjects...EE and AI.....loved the humanities subject so much...always felt most attentive and passionate about it...love "writing" again...even the 5000 word essay!
It probably made me ready to take up challenges in all other subjects just knowing that I could do this also...and it came also in a way so fairy like....when I could find no elective to go to and just sat for 1 class of this by chance and got hooked! Enjoyed discussions with teacher....enjoyed presentations and even regular classes.....it brought the inner me.

Loved working in partners in AI assignments....as if creating something!Loved studying the subject also....
The exciting next part was the Ed board..something just for me....impulsively joined it and loved it!My second experience in a different team now!

Loved the snatched out moments on pleasure also...visits to PVR saket, green park,moments of telling all with friends , necafe discussions.....
and beautiful moments of being understood and silence also.....
The reunion of old college....like a wish come true...
strange that i have to a stage of being able to call it "old college"..but happens....

with time everyday situations, places and people

come in front of our queue of attention

....And a passion is in its buds for me...photography!
And may be finally dance also!
and its been a sem of lots and lots of blogging and self dependence and growth also(more and more food lol!) .
And a sem which culminated beautifully with a perfect birthday and normal result(at least good in all my fav subjects and as expected in others) :)

And now PG express continues with summers......
Love being at my institute even in evenings...second home...the lab!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Deadlines make you stronger despite the stress...........................

........................if you let them!


"Use the talents you possess ,for the woods would be very silent if only the best birds sang"
...read somewhere...so complete in itself and so beautiful ..


"Tears are a very big thing. Keep them for that instead of shedding on little thing"..........heard from someone....
may be it's true...coz tears mean we pain about something...
But tears also represent an outlet to our frustrations so that way I feel it's ok to cry if it prevents you from having pent up feelings


As you go in higher realms of education, you are made to realize that it's not knowledge which important...but its application.
Is it a correct thought?
I feel some knowledge is also essential despite the above conclusion based on my experiences.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


An interesting thought I came across ...little actions matter a lot. Something as trivial as forwarding a message/mail sent in "timepass" also matters. It shows that you are promoting that thought. So be careful and read properly what you send next time!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


1. Last movie you saw in a theater?
Chak de India may be in October last year.

2. What book are you reading
Do you seriously want to know? Just Enid Blyton to feel light and fresh in exams!
Last cool books I read were Namesake and "The Secret".

3. Favorite board game?
Carrom and Monopoly! I also don't have anyone to play right now!

4. Favorite magazine?
Sunday magazine of TOI

5. Favorite smells?
The smell of paper on old books, smell of rain_wet sand also, smell of paint,some soaps also!

6. Favorite sounds?
Soft music with good words

7. Worst feeling in the world?
Being helpless if some loved one in trouble, next is being completely alone whatever the reason....

8. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?
What I dreamt of in the night or the last conversation that I had the previous day!

9. Favorite fast food place?
Barista's...Dark Temptation is heaven, McD's..sentimental values attached but also like everything there

10. Future child’s name?
Hmmm.....lets see!

11. Finish this statement. “If I had lot of money I’d….?”
I would buy lots of novels, open a private library, ,publish some books of my own, buy lots of gifts for loved ones, open a joint NGO with Parul for beggars to gain work ...and to help the children especially...
open some organisation to help stressed children...
have a swimming pool of my own
a beautiful garden,
Would not like to keep lots of money as I feel it would only lead to more stress and problems.

12. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
Yes I do..with 3 of them!Love all 3:)

13. Storms - cool or scary?

14. Favorite drink?
Coca Cola!

15. Finish this statement, “If I had the time I would….”?
Write a book

16. Do you eat the stems on broccoli?
Yes I do and like them also!

17. If you could dye your hair any color, what would be your choice?
Brown...have wanted to experience this for long!

18. Name all the different cities/towns you’ve lived in?
Delhi, Toronto,Durban,London, Dhaka

19. Favorite sports to watch?
Cricket of course!

20. One nice thing about the person who sent this to you?
Our wave-lenghts match a lot so love being with her! She understands , cares and converses well.

21. What’s under your bed?
Various shoes and sandals

22. Would you like to be born as yourself again?
As long as I have same loved ones I would.

23. Morning person, or night owl?
Night owl being forced to be a morning person

24. Over easy, or sunny side up?
Sunny side up!

25. Favorite place to relax?
My bed! Or easy chairs of Bharti building. Anywhere with loved ones.

6. Favorite pie?
Love all kinds!

27. Favorite ice cream flavor?
Caramel ice cream...still searching for that flavour in India.... /Black curren/Chocolate/Vanilla..depends on mood!

ou tagged this to, who’s most likely to respond first?
Lets see.

I tag...Ankur,Ash,Utkarsh!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Read this somewhere.........
"Sooner or later we begin to understand that love is more than verses on valentines and romance in the movies. We begin to know that love is here and now, real and true, the most important thing in our lives. For love is the creator of our favourite memories and the foundation of our fondest dreams. Love is a promise that is always kept, a fortune that can never be spent, a seed that can flourish in even the most unlikely of places. And this radiance that never fades, this mysterious and magical joy, is the greatest treasure of all - one known only by those who love. "
But the best most beautiful and definition I heard is that "love is just love, it is not happiness or sadness....though it brings that based on how the on we love is feeling"...quoting out of a comment!Can't help it!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


“To love is to suffer.
To avoid suffering, one must not love.
But then, one suffers from not loving.
Therefore, to love is to suffer; not to love is to suffer; to suffer is to suffer.
To be happy is to love.
To be happy, then, is to suffer, but suffering makes one unhappy.
Therefore, to be happy, one must love or love to suffer or suffer from too much happiness.”..

-A paradoxical yet beautiful quote that I read.

For me it means that both situations of happiness and sadness will exist in life. They are unavoidable even in the most beautiful parts of life.So we shouldn't try to hide from them under the cover of anyone or anything.


What is the difference between being selfish and being self centered?

I guess may be it's required to be a little self centered......but not selfish

Monday, April 14, 2008


We all talk about love and relationships and future. But when it comes to pure love, then there is no need to give it a name. It is just that ....love. And it stays just that no matter what you call it.But it's also something which noone can truly understand or define. They can only feel it. Like a soul.

Cheer up!

Somehow Blogging can never replace the diary. To vent your heart out, you need the physical activity of writing...and the privacy also...coz in privacy there is a protective wall from lonely words....

It's strange how in almost all problematci situations...to cheer up all that is required is a few of your very own passions.....
For me....to be loved, and..........to write diary, to read a book , eat something nice, watch a light movie, listen to some songs .......
one of these is bound to work....for most ppl i guess
If it doesn't then just sleep over it.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nothing can work right if you get swayed away from your priorities.
There are things in life which are above reason and above logic and above stubbornness.
Nothing can be achieved unless that is realised.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Learning techniques

The fundamental principle of machine learning is that initially you make assumptions( which are usually wrong) and then as you make mistakes, you learn and the mechanism improves. In some cases it even goes further to say that you must make mistakes of a particular order before your tool is ready.

How easy life would be if we accepted this simple truth...in life we can learn a lot from mistakes....(and until we do we may even make the same mistake again and again!)

Thus mistakes are not to be shunned but their causes must be removed without any sense of sadness of excessive guilt about them. Because that's how life progresses.


People and situations are not always what they seem by face value.Misjudgement will happen but it's OK if we learn from it.But it is much better to beleive in goodness of human nature.

Sometimes you are appreciated much more than you realise coz your eyes are closed.Open them and see the beautiful world around you.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Life is good:)

Life gets so complicated as you grow up...responsibilities,adjustments,so many ideologies undergo a change or have to , so many habits you must forgo. The world has certain norms for adults and expects them all to follow. But in childhood, it is so easy to break any norm and it i forgotten the next day. It would be so nice to be child always.

What makes these changes possible is love.
"Even is the terrain is rough, I will walk along if you will hold my hand"
Life is good!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

A walk to remember

Some pics I enjoyed taking...............

(Bright and shiny like the glorious Sun)

(Such Richness in purple)

(kiss of nature)

(heart of nature)

(So far away yet so beautiful like..babies!)

(Us diverse people of different colors)
Sometimes I wonder if optimism kills instinct.....I mean we can train ourselves to happy but what actually feel gets hidden away from even us and we forget out genuine reaction to situations.....and thus may not be able to distinguish between things not good for us and things towards which we should be optimistic

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Some random thoughts (converse converse)

Anne Frank rightly said" Despite everything I still believe in human goodness".
And as I would the worst never happens, things do becomes ok "somehow".

Anther thought.......If we knew and understood each other perfectly then there would be nothing left to say, no words. It's always in the "getting to know stage" that you have maximum words,queries. After someitme things become implicit. Then queries are only regarding different interpretations. It would be so motonous and dull if someone agreed to your eveyword...it would be like talking to yourself.....no new ideas......
'Coz each person in relation with us is like multiple gifts wrapped in many layers...each layer unravelling a particularly beautfiul and unique gem.....
After sometime this is what happens to converstions of some old friends.......
Hi hru?
Im fine, hru?
And what's happening these days?
Nothign new yaar, what about you?
Nothing here either.
Sad to hear these kind of conversations replacing the long chats and long days you may have once spent with those people.Why does it happen?Because if someone is in touch with our everyday realities then we can relate to them...but to someone else we wonder where to begin the triviliaties....how to explain...and we end up keeping quiet....
That's no based on distance...it's based on how well you are connected....and that in turn is based on how much you try and how much effort you are willing to put into being connected.
If despite distance you are willing to update then this never happens.
Of course no updates don't ever mean no care, they just display the fats life around us and how we allow oursleves to get entrapped within it.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Green eyed monster

Green eyed monster
ripping me apart in mind
making me to all reason blind
from where does it come?
and why does it come?

green eyed monster
making blood rush through my veins
giving the heart all sorts of pains
why don't you leave me alone?
why not go somewhere else to moan?

green eyed monster
bring out the worst in me
for everyone dear or see known to see
where does it reside?
when does its power subside?

green eyed moster
making me lose all control
and forget my goal
why is it so strong?
does it mean i think all wrong?

green eyed moster
who lies in us all
based on our weakest link,our downfall
who is your one?

Isn't it as futile as a gun.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Books and their effects...esp Harry Potter

Is it insensitive if you are attached to inanimate things.....?

I don't mean it in the today's true materialistic sense but in that you can derive happiness from 'things' when you can't from 'people'. I know happiness comes from within but some aides do help That you want to escape to another world but not want to hear the latest in this world?

Some world like which makes you ponder and reflect and grow but is constant like an everlastign friend............some world like.....BOOKS

Take Harry Potter for example.....I am sure lots of people exist who know details of what happened to each character but don't take the time to read the newspaper. Does it matter?

I remember being affected by the "death" of one of my favourite characters.(Sirius Black) and remember exactly when I read it yet all over the world people are dying in some way or otherand I may ponder to think about it but after some time it goes away unless you know them personally.

Its easy to understand any charcater in the book but how many times do we stop to analyse people in our lives when they make mistakes...even if bad ones?

I mean I even have theory about Voldemort(i know i also find it unbelievable to think abt him!)....maybe the mental and physical state of his mother affected his stability. And his life could not be worth living without love....love which he denied his ignorant self. What a waste!

Some other comments on Harry Potter Series........

"Love is the most powerful magic", said Dumbledore ....well that's certainly true!

But not so is obsession...that's like giving someone a love potion.

And kindness pays.......Harry's to Wormtail did pay and so did Dumbledore's to Draco...

Draco was bad...but his main problem was weakness of character and selfishness. But he wasn't "evil" ...couldn't kill Dumbledore.

Even Duddly almost thanked Harry in the last book.

Positive thinking helps........wipes out sinking thoughts(Dementors)

Chocolates also help!...bring a cheer.......

Laughter is the best medicine...Boggarts also go away!

Your choice makes you who you are....sorting hat.

Insecurities ,crushes,self doubt and even a little possessivness are part of life and need to be accepted.

Everyone has a unique well-defined value...be it Ron or Luna Or Neveil or Weasley Twins.....each had weaknesses but were imporant never the less.

There is no place like home...
But people make it so.

People aren't always what they seem...Snape...considered to be the worst kind of traitor ,turned out to be completely sincere.

People can change for better..Snape again...Deatheater to Dumbledore's man.

Exams don't make or mar your"life".....Harry was average...at least in early books.

And last of all...most commow but still best...Good does win.....
I think if taken in its truest sense..it could inculcate good values in kids and act as a reminder for adults.Its nice and wholesome but has a depth still.
Could probably write a book on its review!

Love thyself

At times it's required to be strong even if at the cost of seeming cold.
At times its required to be independent even if at the cost of seeming detached.
Coz sometimes the world brushes away the weaklings as if they matter not
It crushes down their dreams and hopes as if they existed not

To make them come true, depends only on you
Smile, bury your worries and start anew
Yes, its good to be good to others
But don't forget yourself amongst those others

You deserve your care
To yourself you must be fair
Listen to your heart and calm may you stay
With all negativity will flying away

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Two sides of a coin

Being faraway ,being busy doesn't mean being apart.
Just as being near alone doesn't mean being close.

Longing need not mean getting more than your due
interaction of soul needn't always be true

Having expectations doesn't mean they will be fulfilled.
Just as being scared doesn't mean all will be lost.

Relaxing need not mean being asleep.
just as dreams don't come just when asleep

Working need mean being enforced.
Holidays need not mean fun.

Philosophy isn't practical
but then the heart isn't logical

Sometimes it's necessary to be pragmatic
but sometimes it's good to believe in magic

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Words again!

Its easy to write to yourself.Easy to be secretive and introvert. Easy to keep your thoughts, your feelings to yourself and lay yourself in that morbid yet arrogant belief that noone will "understand" or care.

But once you have expressed yourself, once you have pampered your words -with people matter and who are worthy of respect , then words become lonely if you have to bottle them up.
Arrogant words

No longer are my words needed by thee
So from them I set thee free

Away and away they will go
Away to the land of long ago

Never to come back
What did they lack?

Words once glorified
Now transformed to lonely words

Words with no life
Words of no strife

Words like pearly tears
Trickling not flowing
Spilling and no longer glowing
Words to the written world bidding goodbye

Monday, March 17, 2008

Cool Tag

Saw this tag here , felt it was an interesting exercise so tried it.....its fun and strange to see for your mind reveals......try it anyone and I esp tag Taps and all my friends and readers.

Take the letter(any at random) or the 1st alphabet of your blog an dwrite down what words come to tour mind startign from it and what they reming you of.
dark......dark magic,dark thoughts
drunk!..funny acting at times!
drawing.......miss it
dracula.....longing for a nice nerve wrecking novel!
diary.....all time companion
discover...discovering life
dull....boring times when no work
down in the dumps...need music,novel,edible treats and cheering up
doodles....great time pass!
dark temptation...yummy treat at baristas
deaf...painful silence,scary
dad..my daddy best!:)
dollar....powerful but also reminds of richi rich's dog
dumbledore...good old harry potter

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Secret

"The Secret" turned out to actually be a useful book with many gems of lessons in it. The most important being the power of thought. We become what we think...whether its what we dread or what we dream depends on what we emphasise on.

Another lesson.....competition is NOT necessary. We don't have compete against the world. We can simply let go and do our best. Just concentrate on our success instead of the defeat of anyone else.Just on giving our best and not on how well or badly someone else is doing. It simplifies life a great deal.It's so much easier to be good and work with others than against them.It can make us all winners:)


Friday, March 14, 2008

Staying alive requires you to have an active interest.As long as there
something that interests you and makes you think , you can't be

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Living hell

What is this living hell?
Where you don’t meet the living
Don’t care for the grieving
Where funerals are get-togethers
And promises to stay in touch blown away as feathers

Lost the very next day in life’s “deadlines” to meet
Where it’s too much effort to greet
Too much strain to shed a tear
Too much restrain to hug a dear

We push each other and rush to finishing line
No time ask close ones if they are fine
To them we say “I will talk some other time”
And then they are no more and we pine

Yet again continue our race
Knowing the destination is no place
But only just that-the end.
Slow your pace
Or you will go without a trace

Dreasm N Wishes

A beginning of a story,
Like a newborn, full of glory.

Rusty,ruty, me still so rusty,
So don't be fusty!

Dreams and wishes
Surely the wind swishes.

Roses and crushes,
Softly the sky hushes.

What your hand fishes,
Needn't be what life dishes.

Wishes are smiles
And goals to walk miles.

If life is a heart,
Where are all your fantasies in and out dart,
Then dreams are like heartbeat
To see how you your destiny meet.

Nothing is more dead than no dreams
No, not even dead dreams,
Which can awaken after a spell,
But how and when only time can tell

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Probability of happiness

It is said that P(AB)=P(A AND B)/P(B).....(1)
But it is also possible to havr P(AB) =P(A)....(2)

Now all studious people are warned away from this blog.........

Well I feel that above results can be compares to our happiness as dependent on others'(1) and as independent.
If what someone else does affect us in some way then our happiness can and probably will depend on them to some extent ....depending on the importance of the action and our will power.

But if people's actions don't affect then it should NOT affect our happiness. That is just being plain interfering. Its normal and bad but when you are unhappy , it hardly makes you feel better to know about good things in anyone else's life. And if it doesn't then either you are very good or that person means more than happiness to you.

What's the solution? Acknowledge that and make an effort to occupy thoughts by something more fruitful than complaining and fretting. Peace of mind is more important thna happiness. And if you are at peace with yourself then the world doesn't affect you to extreme ends.

Friday, March 07, 2008

To try or to forgo.....

Somethings you just can't win. One should strive for all but build hopes only for goals which are solely dependent on us. Sometimes its best to let go and admit you defeat though that's not what I have ever learnt in life.

I mean I always believe/believed that if you truly want something then work for it, if can't then ask help, if can't then at least keep wishing and if it's good and you want it enough then someday you will get it.

But I wonder which train of thought is true or maybe truth is fuzzy.....not completely in either.

PS:I have seen evidence of both.Sometimes trying gives wonderful results and at times only letting go makes things turn around and yields success.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

So far away

For all those who are "so far away" from home.................

so far away from all that is dear
so far away that its hard to bear
so far away with burdens that noone can share
so far away with no time to sit n stare
so far away with cries noone can hear
so far away and even in sickness noone to care
so far away with opinions that can't air
so far away that smiles are rare
so far away all for a dare
or so far away for success that is rare?
so far away,is it as hard as I fear?
so far away from it all, how do you fare?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Steganography-with a difference!

  • "Steganography is the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one apart from the intended recipient knows of the existence of the message; this is in contrast to cryptography, where the existence of the message itself is not disguised, but the content is obscured. "-wikipedia's official definition on Steganography....a topic which has always fascinated me beyond imagination.

  • Well poetry is also a form of Steganography. The writer weaves the strings of words in such a way that only people who understand the true context and meaning are the ones who deserve to. For the rest it's either gibberish or has some hidden meaning which they don't know and can't even begin to suspect because they already understand it as something else.

  • Some everyday words with uncommon codes

D is C (over) -Discover

L if e-Life

M is t-Mist

W is h-Wish

Be in G- Being

P as t-Past

(I know being redundant now but just observed them all now)

Blog is something very satisfying-something which stays beyond life-a place where you can preserve a part of yourself as never before.

For this I thank the people who first started it.

Nonsensical sense

Auron se thake hoge tum kabhi na kabhi,
Thame honge kadam tumare bhi kabhi na kabhi,
Kaun khudese thak kar tham jaata hai,

Haare hoge tum bhi kabhi na kabhi
Roye hoge us haar pe tum bhi kabhi na kabhi
Kaun hai jo jeet pe aaansu bahata hai?

Kosa hoga jahan ko tumne bhi kabhi na kabhi
Muh morha hoga duniya se tumne bhi kabhi na kabhi
Par Kaun hai jo duniya ko muh dikhata aage jaata hai

Muskuratein yaad ayin hongi tumhe bhi kabhi na kabhi
Hansi wale din bhi gunje honge tumhari ruh mein kabhi na kabhi
Kaun hai jo aaj ke din muskurahat bdata hai?

Khud ke ghum mein dube hoge tum bhi kabhi na kabhi.
Khincha hoga hoga ek par kisine kabhi na kabhi
Par Kaun hai jo us ghum ke sehlab se tairna sikhata hai?
kaun hai jo khudse thak kar tham jata hai?

Monday, March 03, 2008

Naure at its best!Spring oh spring.......

I guess I go to paradise everyday of my life with flowers surrounding me ina hevanly mannar. Imagine discussing them with anyone-good to see that they create no barriers of grown up or children , of student or teacher. Inside you study as you can but outside you can discuss flowers with same person to whom u exhibited your not-so- great achievements and who represents torturous subjects of not-so -great happniess to u. Still flowers bring a comoon ground where all are common students of the class taken by nature.

I mean how much can the trivialities of life affect you if you can look at beautiful flowers of every possible color as you walk along your workplace...
if you can see birds in their joyous flights....
making you forget your plight
if you can see squirrels in their playful antics. ...
making you forget to be frantic
if you can see how the sky changes color with each season,
with each day,each hour even......
flowers so pink but ever so slightly mellow
or the most beautiful yellow
or purple with a white "halo"
some swaying ones
some steady ones
some scented ones
some scentless ones
some small ones
some large ones
each with a beauty of its own
whether in a bunch or entirely on their own
each with a pattern and color to match
no man made one is like them even by a patch

trees swaying their greens
telling you what life means
leaves come and go
but trees stay, they belong to long ago
winds can blow leaves right out
but the stronger ones stick out
leaves with their changes hues
driving away all blues
still they eventually fall and say bye
but sturdy branches don't die
this is story of the tree
but it could well be of you or me
do we with our roots stay
or with wind do we sway away?
If I wait for the time to do something on normal everydays of my life then I
will realise that when a time comes that I can do everything on normal somedays of my life then I will end up doing nothing on normal everydays of my life.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I miss.........

I miss good conversations.
I miss carefree times.
I miss times when I didn't have need to personalise my blogs so much.
I miss the times when there was no need to tell anyone that you are blogging but they would themselves comment instantaneously.
I miss the security of having a set career. Eventhough I don't doubt my decision.
I miss a lot of things eventhough I have a lot to be grateful for.
I even miss Harry Potter!


I love learning , but I hate competition.
Education is victimised by it. It keeps on stabbing your desire to learn and work for the sake of it till you give up. Is there NO way out????????????

I mean does it make no difference that you worked , that you enjoy a subject , that you are honest, that you are sincere -marks are so cruel sometimes . So cold and unbearable. What right does anyone have to tell you that efforts are as worth as a nil when you know its not true?

Is it never going to be possible to just learn and love it?
But well laziness may set in if you have no fear.....
But surely there is a better system of balance possible?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Are we Indians?

Did you know that honey is only substance which contains all the life sustaining nutrients?

Did you know that the Western are trying to patent Indian yogic asanas?

Did you know that the green revolution is not all good as its made out to be?

Did you know that we, the third world are still living in akind of colonisation-of the mind?

And why is that?

Our attitude has a major role in it...think of India..
We as Indians have a rich heritage. But when was the last time anyone wen to visit any of th ehistorical monuments? What about malls? Of course the later comes much more frequently in most cases.But peple from all over the world love out monuments.
I haven't visited the Taj Mahal as yet.....even when I told this in my primary school in some other country, people were shocked. They were so much in awe with that place.

What about food habits? We have curries, we have roti. We have so much variety in India. Go to Dilli Haat if you don't believe me. And our native Indian food is actually most balanced and healthy. Yet we today believe more in "fast foods". Why? Its "in".
Why are we trying to import diseases?

What about clothes? Today when Indian women wear Sarees people call them "of the old generation" , when girls wear Salwaar Kameez , they are called "Behenjis". Yet there is more style in Salwar Kameez and more "hotness" in Sarees than in many dresses. For one, we have more color and pattern variety. For another, in winters we do not need an extra scarf...dupatta takes care of that. Jeans , what people may like them for are ultimately mostly just same old blue.....
And what about Indian boys? Are they ever aware that there are Inidan attires for them? Are they even allowed those in their work places if by rare chance they felt like it? I have my doubts.

What about Indian medicinal values....yoga, ayurveda?
The benefits of Indian herbs which the West often calls "weeds" and mostly we hesitate not in this.

Charity begins at home. If we don't value oursleves. Noone else will either
Environmental Ethics , a ndtv discussion and a midnight discussion forged my mind in this direction.

Thursday, January 31, 2008


Smile,an everlasting smile...
A smile can bring you near to me.....
Don't ever let me find you gone coz that would bring a tear to me.......
This world has lost its glory
lets find a brand new story now my love....
You think that I don't even mean a single word I say
It's only words and words are all I have to take your heart away.
Talk in everlasting words and dedicate them all to me
And I will give all my life
I'm here if you should call to me

Such a beautiful song.....and beautiful music to good with beautiful lyrics...
Makes you think though.......whats so good is that its such a pure song.....
There are almost no pretences in it.

People do smile when with loved ones.They do cry if some close one goes far away.
And when things go wrong or when lifes seems to its zing, people do feel like staring anew...with someone who cares....

People are helpless also....its all a matter of trust...they can only try to convince but after a point its only about believing or not.......

People are essentially dependent and needy of love.....that's what is portrayed so deeply here...they do want permanence...to have someone in their life and live happily ever after.....

And hey!I am not contradicting my last post. But I do feel there should be songs for all moods and emotions.And meaningful ones at that. More often now, songs seem to potray a particular situation and lose their generality

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why are there so few songs which are not into romance?Do people really have no other topic at all to write about?

life-food for thought!

Life is like food..........we all love cakes and hate bitter things but some bitter things can be moulded to be liked...like coffee........
salty things are also good ,adding a spice to life........
variety excites us.........
but what sustains us is our staple diet............if that is wrong nothing will work.........we come back to some kind of stability in staple food.........and we like that
Only tasty food items would not sustain us in the long run but tried and tested rotis will.
Some food items trigger memories......we may no longer like them but they are still special........
Sometimes I feel that sadness is the only real emotion. Somehow happiness never seems to touch the heart in the same way as sadness..............
Very much like this song on the movie"ROG"
"Maine dil se kaha, dhoond laana khushi
Nasamajh laya gum, to yeh gum hi sahi

Maine dil se kaha, dhoond laana khushi
Nasamajh laya gum, to yeh gum hi sahi
Maine dil se kaha dhoond laana khushi

Bechaara kahan jaanta tha
Khalish hai yeh kya khala hai
Shehar bhar ki khushi se
Yeh dard mera bhala hai
Jashna yeh raaz na aaye
Mazaa toh bas gam main aaya hai

Maine dil se kaha, dhoond laana khushi
Nasamajh laya gum, to yeh gum hi sahi

Kabhi hai ishq ka ujaala
Kabhi hai maut ka andhera
Bataao kaun bes hoga
Main jogi banu ya lutera
Kayi chehre hai is dil ke
Najaane kaunsa mera

Maine dil se kaha dhoond laana khushi
Nasamajh laya gum, to yeh gum hi sahi

Hazaaron aaise phaasle the
Jo Tai karne chale the
raahe magar chal padi thi
Aur peeche hum rah gaye the
kadam Do chaar chal paaye
Kiye phere tere mann ke

Maine dil se kaha, dhoond laana khushi
Nasamajh laya gum, to yeh gum hi sahi

Maine dil se kaha, dhoond laana khushi
Nasamajh laya gum, to yeh gum hi sahi"
Ultimately all of us are alone and ultimately whatever we runaway from has a way of getting to us.Truth itself is relative.So is trust,love, moral values, responsibilities.........
Nothing is for "sure"
But yet the heart strives for permanence ,solace
hope swims through murky seas of pain
smile looks for its lost reflection
joy enjoys this hide and seek
and what stays is whats inside us
be it trust or fear mingled doubts
be hope or listlessness
be it life or death
and we move along life
our relation to it like sail and wind

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Blogging has suddenly disappeared out of my day to day world for a while.......could blame it on cold weather or hectic schedule but then I beleive that we find time to do what we want to do.
But some things and even people are only parts of our lives for some phase.
Maybe for a reason, season or a lifetime- as rightly said in an article I read somewhere.
Reasonal things go away when they have served their purpose.
Blogging had a reason...to give a chance to reach out and express myself as never before.
Seasonal things give joy and may or may not come back.
Blogging gave joy...is it seasonal?
Does it come back and go away as and when I derive pleasure from it?
Lifetime things stay forever and help us in learning and growing through it all.
Is blogging for a life time?Is writing for a life time?
Well it depends...if it helps you grow then it is. Otherwise there is no point in simply dragging something redundantly.

Discovering life started with purpose to share things I learnt along the way. Sometimes it had harsh facts of life ,sometimes it's been dreamy, sometimes optmistic, sometimes argumentative.
I refrained from personal experiences almost completely. Yet it has been a personal journey. Its given me a lot-directly and indirectly. Its made me come to a stage when I no longer even seem to need to depend upon it for outlet to emotion, to exprssion , to recognition. Its seen the ups and downs of my life. Like a good dog. Faithfully. And a dog is a man's best friend. I don't call it a person because its just there and reassuring by being there. The blog in itself doesn't offer solutions. It just listens. Yet it hold a sentimental value. It brings back nostalgia.

Is this a goodbye or is this a new beginning or is this just introspection?

Time will tell..........
I feel like a sand...whatever comes , holds mark, changes me in its own unique way and goes away. Sometimes I resist that change but when I don't better I just let it give shape to me.