Sunday, March 30, 2008

Love thyself

At times it's required to be strong even if at the cost of seeming cold.
At times its required to be independent even if at the cost of seeming detached.
Coz sometimes the world brushes away the weaklings as if they matter not
It crushes down their dreams and hopes as if they existed not

To make them come true, depends only on you
Smile, bury your worries and start anew
Yes, its good to be good to others
But don't forget yourself amongst those others

You deserve your care
To yourself you must be fair
Listen to your heart and calm may you stay
With all negativity will flying away


sandeip said...

just like that?

is it ever that easy?

aditi said...

No it's not.Not even easy to pretend.
But that doesn't change its essentiality.
And the part to care for oneself is not that difficult if tried.

aditi said...

[Reply Sandeip]
What happened to your blog?