Thursday, April 26, 2007

A long time overdue blog......This is with reference to my blog on pain....firstly it was a rare outburst and very different from all others,generally my blogs are meant to give hope.But this is"discovering life" and pain is a part of it.....whether we admit it or i feel it necessary to convey it esp for the benefit of people who face such situations and understand it.Hiding pain ,being negative,emotional and speaking your mind are all different speak ones mind genuinely is required..honesty of word and emotions is good.(in fact that what blogs also do occasionally!)But at times some situations do not demand that.Somethings you know are not important enough affect people close (and they are only ones who have the right to know them) simply because that feeling itself is exaggerated.And that also happens.....and in that case it is best to starve that feeling instead of giving it any attention.Being emotional is a trait...not something that can be classified as good or bad.And its degree also varies.Being negative is something people need to avoid...but i am by no means matter what hope stays always...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The worst thing we can do is take ourselves too seriously sometimes...
i wish at times to remember...sometimes doubt your doubts...
But in the darkness of morbid human thoughts...everything becomes an exaggeration and seems hopeless.
And we seea ray of sunlight and realise all is well and only our eyes were closed out of fear....which mostly turns to be least in the end

Friday, April 13, 2007

Self dependence

In this world every man IS ultimately an island in a way...ultimately we are all alone.....maybe not alone as in lonely but as in we are or should be self contained....Self dependent....independent....

Change is the only thing constant in this world.Nothing lasts forever yet life continues.

Thus there is a great need to be independent.To be dependent on any person,situation or thing for happiness would stunt the soul from flowing freely and would make it difficult for the world that surround also...that burden of carrying dependence .

More than the above,its a matter of responsibility....we are all responsible for our own emotions ....happiness or sadness.We shouldn't expect external environment to change us internally.

This doesn't mean we don't get attached,it doesn't mean we don't trust ,it doesn't mean we don't love or live life fully in any just means that our inner strength should be what should remain the same....and what we should rely on t0 sail us through difficulties.And should relaise that to experience life ..happiness and even pain is good...its a part of life...a part of our lives and we alone are responsible for it.So no blaming in times of trouble or going overboard in happiness.
This image on the left shows what i mean by the first picture..a leaning line ona staright line...ultmiately either the leaning one would fall or the straight one would collapse under its weightThe rest 2 can interpreted as readers want.There is no right or wrong in this case.Just as long as no separated parallel lines...then its some way towards attachment...but not dependence.

Its good to take a break from the world every now and then...and be alone...listen to your inner voice and experience the peace around you.To take pride in your hobbies .....what you do out of joy...not out of compulsion or to attain a level of perfection.Sometimes its good to be passive also.
Sometimes expression in words has a great way of hiding what we truly feel.

Friday, April 06, 2007


Pain is an exaggerated emotion ...its spiral in nature...the more we try to go away from it...its root...the more it widens.....covering even those aspects of life which had been spared earlier.The more we try to express it, the more it deepens.Cutting us,slashing our hearts ,ripping out our souls. Tears unleash. There is no respite.Sometimes even no tears.Sometimes they dry too soon,unwilling to give warmth and company.And leave us alone,cold.

The only way out seems to restrict it as close to our hearts as possible,as far from the outer world as possible.Narrow its path,hold it ,convert it to circle.Give it a well defined boundary.That will give shape and reality.Don't allow it to escape it wants to,because it won' will just spread further in that case.