Thursday, May 29, 2008

Little strokes fell great oaks

It feels good to be's strange how sometimes we feel no one notices or cares about the little things that we seem to toil over or take pride in but mark my words-that is never so. So it's best to do each little task with full vigor.
Cricket shows this...take time to notice sometimes how fielders give their all to save even a run and not just in crunch situations but as a habit.
But then I also feel we mustn't overdo it-I mean if a class player gets badly injured before a vital game in order to save a non-match threatening run, then won't it be better if he taken little care of himself also?
So it's OK to take a holiday now and then to rest yourself when required especially when you know you are not at a crucial stage. But when you do work, give your best and never be discouraged by thinking that "this matters to no one". It always does for "little strokes fell great oaks"


Ankur said...

Very nicely written !!!
Its important that we work well when we are suppose to or say we want to .... And these small works, achievements acts as a catalyst in the pursuit to happiness, the aim to have peace of mind gives us the most required feel of success .....

aditi said...

So true!Peace of mind and a sense that we can make a difference...that is required to love ourselves

surya said...

this one is sure a good proverb!!!