Friday, January 16, 2009

Queries to all writer and blogger friends

Are writers born, created or can writing also be acquired?

What are most important ingredients for a writer...a novelist in particular?

How do you go about writing a novel? Is it enough to have a story and right emotional quotient?

Doesn't everyone have a story( at least) inside them?
If yes then why is it not expressed?

Reading and discussions

Discussing novels with someone well read in your domain is almost like discussing people from long ago whom both know well.

Monday, January 05, 2009

A new year

Hmmm ideally this should be my "Happy New Year" post but somehow the seems to have crept by me without me realizing this time.

Been trying to meet deadlines and declutter my room. This gave me an opportunity to walk down years down the memory lane. It's weird..I mean most of us have replied to where you will be 10 years hence soem time of the other....but what about 10 years earlier.
Those dreams, wishes , thoughts and ideals....have they been in fulfilled today or are they lost somewhere?
What I noticed most easily was that it's easier to be good and wise when you are young, innocent and even unhappy. You can get used to it. You can be selfless and have high ideals and just spread love.
But life changes all that. With each blow of betrayal that life throws, you grow a bit more cynical and a bit more "cautious" . And caution makes you selfish. Selfish soemtimes makes you take care of yourself and makes you happier though that shouldn't happen ideally. Once you get used to happiness it's diffrent ball game all together. Then life just moves in that direction.

I was so much wiser and more good 10 years earlier. But I am happier now. Paradox? Life is weird.