Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's a "too busy world"

A thin veil covers my eyes , my soul , my heart,

It isolates me from this world so big

Where people have no time , no smile and lost heart

Listen to what I say not for once can't you?

No matter how many they may be moments with you seem so few,

Don't you know that I miss you?


Who is the "you" all may ask

It's the world at large

Everyone rushing away with a more important task

Than just a simple gentle friendly chat

When was the last time together you and your mother sat?

Or are you too busy with deadlines, parties and fighting that fat?


Pain isn't only by big things but sometimes lil things hurt so,

And we try disguising it not knowing the reason the heart wants to cry

It isn't crazy , not everything has a reason and one who cares also needs to sometimes let it show

Why be available if you are busy

Old fashioned and demanding as it may be,

We find time for things that matter according to me


Tapasya said...

You captured my mood perfectly. Wish some people were more expressive. I know they care, and that they stand by me, but sometimes, a few moments when you "show" your love matter. I wish I had more of those moments in life.

aditi said...


But then there's another side to it also...why are we so needed that we need to be shown what is obvious? It shouldn't happen and it's not logical( no reason) but it still does!

Tapasya said...

Because we all are selfish and possessive when it comes to love and emotions, atleast to a certain extent. Its THE FACT. If you disagree, then you're not being honest about it.

Phoenix said...

This time you wrote exactly my words.....sigh

Geetika said...

Nicely written post! And over all nice blog. Hope I wil come here more often.
We all love and love can be felt in all tiny winy things. But sometimes it is necessary to speak it out explicitly! And most of the times its the lil things that tears us deep down :(

aditi said...

Thanx:)hope you do too:)

Tapasya said...

Kuch naya likh.

aditi said...

To a certain extent is OK....