Thursday, September 04, 2008

What who where when why?

What would you do,
If time was more and tasks few?
If you got bored someday out of the blue?
If all days were old and nothing was new?

What would you say,
If after long to God you would pray?
If you had wasted many a day,
If you felt as if left you had gone astray?

Who would you hold,
If in public you could kiss?
If to hug loved ones you were enough bold?
If you could choose between another miss and bliss?

Where would you go?
If you didn't want to go with the flow?
If the way to your heart you didn't know?
If you had to risk all to glow?

Where would you look?
If you felt even in yourself a slight crook?
If there were no answers in any book?
If your inadequacies even loved one wouldn't brook?

When would you get up?
If everyone saw you drop?
If you could still relax with a bed and a tea cup?
If you could choose when to move on and when to stop?

Yet,why wouldn't you live,
If your heart is still positive?
If you still feel you have something to give?
If someone still finds your smile curative?


mostlybhu said...


aditi said...


Phoenix said...

Too many questions :P

aditi said...

Reply[phoenix]What about some answers?:P

sandeip said...

good one,though i do feel that some of the rhyming is a bit could have been far more beautiful in blank verse :D

as for the spirit and the questions.

and,of course, no answers :D

Geetika said...

Poem is undoubtedly good. Just like ur writing. It surely give reader a strong glue to stick onto this blog :)
But tell me honestly have you ever really thought
If in public you could kiss? :P
N whoz that lucky fellow :P

aditi said...

Yup I seem to have this soft spot towards rythme...will try with lil less next tiem:)

Thnx:)Good of u to stick:)
hmmm....u do catch on quickly(need I say more?):P

Ash said...

very nice!

Ankur said...

Very nicely written !!!
Life seems so beautiful even to imagine all this .. but to be honestly i am just living this kind of life and really it's beautiful !!! what i have learnt is just the right people make life beautiful ...

aditi said...

Very true:)So am I:)