Sunday, March 30, 2008

Books and their effects...esp Harry Potter

Is it insensitive if you are attached to inanimate things.....?

I don't mean it in the today's true materialistic sense but in that you can derive happiness from 'things' when you can't from 'people'. I know happiness comes from within but some aides do help That you want to escape to another world but not want to hear the latest in this world?

Some world like which makes you ponder and reflect and grow but is constant like an everlastign friend............some world like.....BOOKS

Take Harry Potter for example.....I am sure lots of people exist who know details of what happened to each character but don't take the time to read the newspaper. Does it matter?

I remember being affected by the "death" of one of my favourite characters.(Sirius Black) and remember exactly when I read it yet all over the world people are dying in some way or otherand I may ponder to think about it but after some time it goes away unless you know them personally.

Its easy to understand any charcater in the book but how many times do we stop to analyse people in our lives when they make mistakes...even if bad ones?

I mean I even have theory about Voldemort(i know i also find it unbelievable to think abt him!)....maybe the mental and physical state of his mother affected his stability. And his life could not be worth living without which he denied his ignorant self. What a waste!

Some other comments on Harry Potter Series........

"Love is the most powerful magic", said Dumbledore ....well that's certainly true!

But not so is obsession...that's like giving someone a love potion.

And kindness pays.......Harry's to Wormtail did pay and so did Dumbledore's to Draco...

Draco was bad...but his main problem was weakness of character and selfishness. But he wasn't "evil" ...couldn't kill Dumbledore.

Even Duddly almost thanked Harry in the last book.

Positive thinking helps........wipes out sinking thoughts(Dementors)

Chocolates also help!...bring a cheer.......

Laughter is the best medicine...Boggarts also go away!

Your choice makes you who you are....sorting hat.

Insecurities ,crushes,self doubt and even a little possessivness are part of life and need to be accepted.

Everyone has a unique well-defined it Ron or Luna Or Neveil or Weasley Twins.....each had weaknesses but were imporant never the less.

There is no place like home...
But people make it so.

People aren't always what they seem...Snape...considered to be the worst kind of traitor ,turned out to be completely sincere.

People can change for better..Snape again...Deatheater to Dumbledore's man.

Exams don't make or mar your"life".....Harry was least in early books.

And last of all...most commow but still best...Good does win.....
I think if taken in its truest could inculcate good values in kids and act as a reminder for adults.Its nice and wholesome but has a depth still.
Could probably write a book on its review!

Love thyself

At times it's required to be strong even if at the cost of seeming cold.
At times its required to be independent even if at the cost of seeming detached.
Coz sometimes the world brushes away the weaklings as if they matter not
It crushes down their dreams and hopes as if they existed not

To make them come true, depends only on you
Smile, bury your worries and start anew
Yes, its good to be good to others
But don't forget yourself amongst those others

You deserve your care
To yourself you must be fair
Listen to your heart and calm may you stay
With all negativity will flying away

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Two sides of a coin

Being faraway ,being busy doesn't mean being apart.
Just as being near alone doesn't mean being close.

Longing need not mean getting more than your due
interaction of soul needn't always be true

Having expectations doesn't mean they will be fulfilled.
Just as being scared doesn't mean all will be lost.

Relaxing need not mean being asleep.
just as dreams don't come just when asleep

Working need mean being enforced.
Holidays need not mean fun.

Philosophy isn't practical
but then the heart isn't logical

Sometimes it's necessary to be pragmatic
but sometimes it's good to believe in magic

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Words again!

Its easy to write to yourself.Easy to be secretive and introvert. Easy to keep your thoughts, your feelings to yourself and lay yourself in that morbid yet arrogant belief that noone will "understand" or care.

But once you have expressed yourself, once you have pampered your words -with people matter and who are worthy of respect , then words become lonely if you have to bottle them up.
Arrogant words

No longer are my words needed by thee
So from them I set thee free

Away and away they will go
Away to the land of long ago

Never to come back
What did they lack?

Words once glorified
Now transformed to lonely words

Words with no life
Words of no strife

Words like pearly tears
Trickling not flowing
Spilling and no longer glowing
Words to the written world bidding goodbye

Monday, March 17, 2008

Cool Tag

Saw this tag here , felt it was an interesting exercise so tried it.....its fun and strange to see for your mind reveals......try it anyone and I esp tag Taps and all my friends and readers.

Take the letter(any at random) or the 1st alphabet of your blog an dwrite down what words come to tour mind startign from it and what they reming you of.
dark......dark magic,dark thoughts
drunk!..funny acting at times!
drawing.......miss it
dracula.....longing for a nice nerve wrecking novel!
diary.....all time companion
discover...discovering life
dull....boring times when no work
down in the dumps...need music,novel,edible treats and cheering up
doodles....great time pass!
dark temptation...yummy treat at baristas
deaf...painful silence,scary daddy best!:)
dollar....powerful but also reminds of richi rich's dog
dumbledore...good old harry potter

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Secret

"The Secret" turned out to actually be a useful book with many gems of lessons in it. The most important being the power of thought. We become what we think...whether its what we dread or what we dream depends on what we emphasise on.

Another lesson.....competition is NOT necessary. We don't have compete against the world. We can simply let go and do our best. Just concentrate on our success instead of the defeat of anyone else.Just on giving our best and not on how well or badly someone else is doing. It simplifies life a great deal.It's so much easier to be good and work with others than against them.It can make us all winners:)


Friday, March 14, 2008

Staying alive requires you to have an active interest.As long as there
something that interests you and makes you think , you can't be

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Living hell

What is this living hell?
Where you don’t meet the living
Don’t care for the grieving
Where funerals are get-togethers
And promises to stay in touch blown away as feathers

Lost the very next day in life’s “deadlines” to meet
Where it’s too much effort to greet
Too much strain to shed a tear
Too much restrain to hug a dear

We push each other and rush to finishing line
No time ask close ones if they are fine
To them we say “I will talk some other time”
And then they are no more and we pine

Yet again continue our race
Knowing the destination is no place
But only just that-the end.
Slow your pace
Or you will go without a trace

Dreasm N Wishes

A beginning of a story,
Like a newborn, full of glory.

Rusty,ruty, me still so rusty,
So don't be fusty!

Dreams and wishes
Surely the wind swishes.

Roses and crushes,
Softly the sky hushes.

What your hand fishes,
Needn't be what life dishes.

Wishes are smiles
And goals to walk miles.

If life is a heart,
Where are all your fantasies in and out dart,
Then dreams are like heartbeat
To see how you your destiny meet.

Nothing is more dead than no dreams
No, not even dead dreams,
Which can awaken after a spell,
But how and when only time can tell

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Probability of happiness

It is said that P(AB)=P(A AND B)/P(B).....(1)
But it is also possible to havr P(AB) =P(A)....(2)

Now all studious people are warned away from this blog.........

Well I feel that above results can be compares to our happiness as dependent on others'(1) and as independent.
If what someone else does affect us in some way then our happiness can and probably will depend on them to some extent ....depending on the importance of the action and our will power.

But if people's actions don't affect then it should NOT affect our happiness. That is just being plain interfering. Its normal and bad but when you are unhappy , it hardly makes you feel better to know about good things in anyone else's life. And if it doesn't then either you are very good or that person means more than happiness to you.

What's the solution? Acknowledge that and make an effort to occupy thoughts by something more fruitful than complaining and fretting. Peace of mind is more important thna happiness. And if you are at peace with yourself then the world doesn't affect you to extreme ends.

Friday, March 07, 2008

To try or to forgo.....

Somethings you just can't win. One should strive for all but build hopes only for goals which are solely dependent on us. Sometimes its best to let go and admit you defeat though that's not what I have ever learnt in life.

I mean I always believe/believed that if you truly want something then work for it, if can't then ask help, if can't then at least keep wishing and if it's good and you want it enough then someday you will get it.

But I wonder which train of thought is true or maybe truth is fuzzy.....not completely in either.

PS:I have seen evidence of both.Sometimes trying gives wonderful results and at times only letting go makes things turn around and yields success.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

So far away

For all those who are "so far away" from home.................

so far away from all that is dear
so far away that its hard to bear
so far away with burdens that noone can share
so far away with no time to sit n stare
so far away with cries noone can hear
so far away and even in sickness noone to care
so far away with opinions that can't air
so far away that smiles are rare
so far away all for a dare
or so far away for success that is rare?
so far away,is it as hard as I fear?
so far away from it all, how do you fare?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Steganography-with a difference!

  • "Steganography is the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one apart from the intended recipient knows of the existence of the message; this is in contrast to cryptography, where the existence of the message itself is not disguised, but the content is obscured. "-wikipedia's official definition on Steganography....a topic which has always fascinated me beyond imagination.

  • Well poetry is also a form of Steganography. The writer weaves the strings of words in such a way that only people who understand the true context and meaning are the ones who deserve to. For the rest it's either gibberish or has some hidden meaning which they don't know and can't even begin to suspect because they already understand it as something else.

  • Some everyday words with uncommon codes

D is C (over) -Discover

L if e-Life

M is t-Mist

W is h-Wish

Be in G- Being

P as t-Past

(I know being redundant now but just observed them all now)

Blog is something very satisfying-something which stays beyond life-a place where you can preserve a part of yourself as never before.

For this I thank the people who first started it.

Nonsensical sense

Auron se thake hoge tum kabhi na kabhi,
Thame honge kadam tumare bhi kabhi na kabhi,
Kaun khudese thak kar tham jaata hai,

Haare hoge tum bhi kabhi na kabhi
Roye hoge us haar pe tum bhi kabhi na kabhi
Kaun hai jo jeet pe aaansu bahata hai?

Kosa hoga jahan ko tumne bhi kabhi na kabhi
Muh morha hoga duniya se tumne bhi kabhi na kabhi
Par Kaun hai jo duniya ko muh dikhata aage jaata hai

Muskuratein yaad ayin hongi tumhe bhi kabhi na kabhi
Hansi wale din bhi gunje honge tumhari ruh mein kabhi na kabhi
Kaun hai jo aaj ke din muskurahat bdata hai?

Khud ke ghum mein dube hoge tum bhi kabhi na kabhi.
Khincha hoga hoga ek par kisine kabhi na kabhi
Par Kaun hai jo us ghum ke sehlab se tairna sikhata hai?
kaun hai jo khudse thak kar tham jata hai?

Monday, March 03, 2008

Naure at its best!Spring oh spring.......

I guess I go to paradise everyday of my life with flowers surrounding me ina hevanly mannar. Imagine discussing them with anyone-good to see that they create no barriers of grown up or children , of student or teacher. Inside you study as you can but outside you can discuss flowers with same person to whom u exhibited your not-so- great achievements and who represents torturous subjects of not-so -great happniess to u. Still flowers bring a comoon ground where all are common students of the class taken by nature.

I mean how much can the trivialities of life affect you if you can look at beautiful flowers of every possible color as you walk along your workplace...
if you can see birds in their joyous flights....
making you forget your plight
if you can see squirrels in their playful antics. ...
making you forget to be frantic
if you can see how the sky changes color with each season,
with each day,each hour even......
flowers so pink but ever so slightly mellow
or the most beautiful yellow
or purple with a white "halo"
some swaying ones
some steady ones
some scented ones
some scentless ones
some small ones
some large ones
each with a beauty of its own
whether in a bunch or entirely on their own
each with a pattern and color to match
no man made one is like them even by a patch

trees swaying their greens
telling you what life means
leaves come and go
but trees stay, they belong to long ago
winds can blow leaves right out
but the stronger ones stick out
leaves with their changes hues
driving away all blues
still they eventually fall and say bye
but sturdy branches don't die
this is story of the tree
but it could well be of you or me
do we with our roots stay
or with wind do we sway away?
If I wait for the time to do something on normal everydays of my life then I
will realise that when a time comes that I can do everything on normal somedays of my life then I will end up doing nothing on normal everydays of my life.