Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love is magical

I think this is term which everyone has tried to define but noone actually can. Because we all interpret in our own unique way. And maybe there are no words to actually describe this emotion. One can only feel and understand it. But it fill life. It completes us. And acts like a security blanket which a kid likes to carry everywhere with it. I am sure many of have been through a phase in childhood when we had/wanted something  which would always stay with us or maybe an invisible friend to talk to always or an angel/genie  to look after us. We forget this as we grow up in a life of disappointment and with time, most of us lose faith in magic ever co-existing with life. Until suddenly, one day, if we are lucky, there comes someone who loves us and reminds us of that childhood dream, who fulfills it. And the world is magical again! And there starts our second childhood. No, not old-age but love. Love makes us see life again through childlike wonder and zest. Love makes us believe in magic.

Love makes us believe.


Tapasya said...

Lucky you. I still need to find an angel for myself :P

Tapasya said...

Oh, and the day I find my angel, I'll come back to this post and write a comment that says "I totally agree!!" :D

aditi said...

Sure, waiting for that:):P