Friday, July 31, 2009


The more I get pushed down, the harder I will come up, like the rubber ball.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Just loved this!
Way to go!
The reason I like is simply because I don't that him. He's too self-righteous. If all he wants to do is promote Indian culture and if he is really non-materialistic then why is he charging everyone for it? Why not just do it free if his needs are so few?

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Movies I watched recently

Two Week's Notice -Sweet and romantic, funny.
Wall E - Worth a watch at least . Good message but first half's a bit slow.
He's just not that into you- ALL girls need to watch this! Really! Shows you some realities of life while is still light
Confessions of a Shopaholic- How far is too far? Watch and find out.I am a read-o-maniac!
Father of the bride I-Really made me understand things better. How true it all is! Can't believe I never watched it earlier.
Bride Wars - Competition exists even between best of friends, sometimes on big things, sometimes on little but in the end true friendship still wins. It's hilarious but still touched me.
Twilight-'s OK. Exciting. Scary to watch at night! Would like to watch the other parts
Marley and Me-Funny and touching. It's about the dog but what I like was the lesson that sometimes you don't get what you want but life makes for it and you love what you get.

Princess Diaries- Watched it again! Courage is not about not being afraid but it's the realization that something is more important than your fears.
Really like the variety...they all cover some unique part of life and emotions.

I am loving it!At least 20 more to go!:)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The transformation

It was lovely dream of being surrounded by novels until I was suddenly jerked up by my dad saying “Your school friend Nina is here.”
“What??? Oh no!” I groaned. I was barely ready and I had called my college friends over today later on. “How come Nina was here so suddenly?” I wondered. She was supposed to be in Mauritius.
Anyway I made my way out and started getting ready. Said “hi” to her sleepily and went to brush my teeth (everyone says I take hours in that!).
From a distance I was shocked to see her in a "cute pink" dress. Cute definitely never defined. her . 'Hot' maybe
Suddenly she was behind me.Closer up, I realized she was more elegant than ever before. Gone were the short skirts and wild attire. She seemed covered but in a nice way.
“You didn’t even give me a welcoming hug,” she said, her facing crumpling.
I was shocked. “Is this the same girl who used to say I was over-sentimental?”
Little did I know, the shock had just started.
“I wanted to give with you once I smelled better”, I smiled and consoled her.
We started talking. Gradually the purpose of her coming seemed to dawn me.
“I am getting married soon”, she said.
“What????? To Akshay?”, I screeched.
“Ha, that’s funny, especially since he’s had a crush on you since forever”, she said bemusedly but there was sadness in her eyes.
This was all news to me.
“Then whom?”, I wondered allowed.
“Bob Mason”.
“Isn’t he your boss?”
“But you never mentioned loving him. You said was cute and cuddly but not exciting. Since when have you been going out with him?”
“Well we have known each other for 3 years now”
“But do you love him?”
“What’s love? I have been out with a million guys. I thought I loved one but it doesn’t last. At least Bob loves me. We can have a stable life.”
I wondered if I was dreaming. This was one girl whose middle name could be “fun”.
Her funda was to have fun and let go. She always used to tell me I was too uptight.
“Nina, tell me truly why are you marrying him”
“There’s no one there. Parents are in a different country. My sister is terribly sick. She ..she won’t get better. I have no friends there. I don’t want to come back either.” she whimpered.
“Hey it’s ok. It will all be fine just relax”, I tried to reassure her.
“So you are getting married soon”. It was more of a statement. “When?” I was still trying to absorb all this.
“Next month 5th”
“So soon? How could you not tell me? What if I can’t make it?” I was hyper again. It was just 2 weeks away and I also realized it was on the day of my convocation. Hmm, it was going to be tough.
“I am sorry. But I really want you to be present. In all this stress I have missed having friends, especially you. You are one friend I truly trust and also my oldest friend. I want you to be my maid of honor. I will delay it if required but it will mean reprinting of cards. At least I haven’t distributed many”
“Of course I will be your maid of honor. Don’t worry about anything, we will manage. Just be happy and relax. It’s my convocation that day but I will with you the minute it gets over.”
She smiled. And with that I bid goodbye to my best friend the girl and wished luck to the woman I had met that day. I didn’t know how right her decision was. It wasn’t for me to question. But all I can say is,
“Life is strange with its mazes and sometimes you find paths you never knew existed. At other times, you back to the paths you once rejected. It takes time to realize it’s ok whatever path you take...they all lead to growth of character.”

This piece of work is purely fictional and any resemblance to any person living or dead is coincidental.