Friday, January 16, 2009

Queries to all writer and blogger friends

Are writers born, created or can writing also be acquired?

What are most important ingredients for a writer...a novelist in particular?

How do you go about writing a novel? Is it enough to have a story and right emotional quotient?

Doesn't everyone have a story( at least) inside them?
If yes then why is it not expressed?


pisku said...

hey! I"m as in the woods as u are, but herez what i takes time, it take a keen eye and it takes practice.It can be cultivated. I look at my blog 4-5 years ago and i look at it now, i know i've made progress :)
Read others, observe how they express their thoughts, emotions. and yes, just keep writing about anything and everything U'll pick up a few, u'll develop a few more. Let people read it and tell u their views. U'll get an idea of what's good and what's not.
You'll make progess.
Novel..hmm no idea

mostlybhu said...

everyone has a story, its just a matter of how well others can appreciate it..tht needs to be and can be acquired for writers.. atleast thts wht i wud like to acquire someday.

Geetika said...

I guess bhushan is correct everyone has got a story. But probably everyone has got their own way of telling it. The way you narrate it or the way u look at things will be entirely different from the way I do it.
Being a novelist I guess you need to be professional and ur story should have some selling point.
If u r thinkng of d same just go ahead.

aditi said...

Good ideas:)

So wud I but I wonder how that can be acquired...or do we just get it gradually...

Very true but then the true story will be the one told by the narrator..
Hmmm....selling point..if it can touch the hearts of people that's enough to sell....
I don't know if I can at this stage , thought I would love to!

Ankur said...

One query why only writer and blogger friends :)

aditi said...

Those who read and write are more likely to advise int his area but others are also most welcome :)