Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Words again!

Its easy to write to yourself.Easy to be secretive and introvert. Easy to keep your thoughts, your feelings to yourself and lay yourself in that morbid yet arrogant belief that noone will "understand" or care.

But once you have expressed yourself, once you have pampered your words -with people matter and who are worthy of respect , then words become lonely if you have to bottle them up.
Arrogant words

No longer are my words needed by thee
So from them I set thee free

Away and away they will go
Away to the land of long ago

Never to come back
What did they lack?

Words once glorified
Now transformed to lonely words

Words with no life
Words of no strife

Words like pearly tears
Trickling not flowing
Spilling and no longer glowing
Words to the written world bidding goodbye


sandeip said...

i like that..a morose happiness..or a happy moroseness?

aditi said...

[Reply Sandeip]
good question.......maybe a happy moroseness but more like morbid satisfaction or simple arrogant words!