Friday, January 14, 2011

Let us not let the bloggerworld die

In the recent times, blogging seems to be fading out of our lives. Even for the most avid bloggers of some time.
The social networking sites seem to be killing the bloggerworld. Or is it us? Maybe the fast pace of life is getting to us. So we just like to post weird status messages and play mindless games instead of really thinking and sharing thoughts. This is not for blaming anyone, I have also been part of the same race. But after a while it gets to you. I personally miss blogging and more so the bloggerworld. 

It was like a sea of knowledge and we collected a few shells here and there. And sometimes threw some of them back which others collected after the waves has cleansed them. Those were precious. Now they are like mementoes as the sea dries away.

Maybe all that is required is a droplet by all.

Blogging provided an outlet, a way of introspection, a way of sharing. Its been a great companion, this blog. Through the hectic exams, the weird moodswings, the soulful discussions, the fun and playful times, its just been great to have a piece which expresses that state of mind. And to see the readers response to it...sometimes it just gives whole new insight!

Basically to have such a space which is your very own is very very special. Try it. Especially for those who have written and stopped or have been thinking of starting to write or want to write but have "no ideas". You don't need ideas. They come as you get into flow. And till they do, don't worry. This is not a space where people judge you.

So long live bloggerworld!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

A new everyday life continues to be a new kind of miracle

A new year is a time to start on a clean slate. A time to learn from  the past follies and mistakes. A time to reflect upon them and move ahead.
And I really used to rejoice in that.
Yet this time, I don't reflect, I don't analyse. I just accept .
I don't want to move ahead. I want revel in the moment. And re-live it again and again.
Life was scary and suddenly , like a miracle, it all worked out.
And I didn't dare wonder why.
Because it seemed something like winning a lucky draw. But as I think about it now, I feel it was more like the feeling a stonecutter gets when his hundred blow actually works. A consistent effort, even if little, does yield results eventually I guess.
Life never stays perfect of course and I still have my share of ups and downs, but it's different now. Like I know that it DOES work out in the end. Like after witnessing a miracle.  Emotions swirl but there is a kind of fearlessness that stays.

There is also a pang as this year I experienced the fragility of life and loss.

I could very easily say that this has been the biggest year of my life. In so many ways it's true. But I also know each of those earlier years was special  and enriching in its own unique way.

Maybe that's all life really is. A bundle of experiences for us to learn from.

Ohhh! My blog will get boring if this is all I keep writing about!
But hey! I know there are going to be million new and very interesting experiences(and thus reflections) this year and I am looking forward to them and learning from them, sharing them.For now though, let me remain in this inertia.

A very happy new year to all.