Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I miss.........

I miss good conversations.
I miss carefree times.
I miss times when I didn't have need to personalise my blogs so much.
I miss the times when there was no need to tell anyone that you are blogging but they would themselves comment instantaneously.
I miss the security of having a set career. Eventhough I don't doubt my decision.
I miss a lot of things eventhough I have a lot to be grateful for.
I even miss Harry Potter!


I love learning , but I hate competition.
Education is victimised by it. It keeps on stabbing your desire to learn and work for the sake of it till you give up. Is there NO way out????????????

I mean does it make no difference that you worked , that you enjoy a subject , that you are honest, that you are sincere -marks are so cruel sometimes . So cold and unbearable. What right does anyone have to tell you that efforts are as worth as a nil when you know its not true?

Is it never going to be possible to just learn and love it?
But well laziness may set in if you have no fear.....
But surely there is a better system of balance possible?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Are we Indians?

Did you know that honey is only substance which contains all the life sustaining nutrients?

Did you know that the Western are trying to patent Indian yogic asanas?

Did you know that the green revolution is not all good as its made out to be?

Did you know that we, the third world are still living in akind of colonisation-of the mind?

And why is that?

Our attitude has a major role in it...think of India..
We as Indians have a rich heritage. But when was the last time anyone wen to visit any of th ehistorical monuments? What about malls? Of course the later comes much more frequently in most cases.But peple from all over the world love out monuments.
I haven't visited the Taj Mahal as yet.....even when I told this in my primary school in some other country, people were shocked. They were so much in awe with that place.

What about food habits? We have curries, we have roti. We have so much variety in India. Go to Dilli Haat if you don't believe me. And our native Indian food is actually most balanced and healthy. Yet we today believe more in "fast foods". Why? Its "in".
Why are we trying to import diseases?

What about clothes? Today when Indian women wear Sarees people call them "of the old generation" , when girls wear Salwaar Kameez , they are called "Behenjis". Yet there is more style in Salwar Kameez and more "hotness" in Sarees than in many dresses. For one, we have more color and pattern variety. For another, in winters we do not need an extra scarf...dupatta takes care of that. Jeans , what people may like them for are ultimately mostly just same old blue.....
And what about Indian boys? Are they ever aware that there are Inidan attires for them? Are they even allowed those in their work places if by rare chance they felt like it? I have my doubts.

What about Indian medicinal, ayurveda?
The benefits of Indian herbs which the West often calls "weeds" and mostly we hesitate not in this.

Charity begins at home. If we don't value oursleves. Noone else will either
Environmental Ethics , a ndtv discussion and a midnight discussion forged my mind in this direction.