Thursday, March 06, 2008

So far away

For all those who are "so far away" from home.................

so far away from all that is dear
so far away that its hard to bear
so far away with burdens that noone can share
so far away with no time to sit n stare
so far away with cries noone can hear
so far away and even in sickness noone to care
so far away with opinions that can't air
so far away that smiles are rare
so far away all for a dare
or so far away for success that is rare?
so far away,is it as hard as I fear?
so far away from it all, how do you fare?


Tapasya said...

Being far away teaches you a lot-- about yourself, about the world. And it makes you realize how precious your family and friends are.

aditi said...

But do you need to go far away to realise how precious people are?
I guess people go far away either becuase they have no choice or they feel have no choice...and less often to learn all this....