Sunday, December 26, 2010

The best

This poem may not be a great work even by my standards but it's special as it is reminder of the fact that dreams do come true and life really is beautiful.

Give the world you best
And the best comes back
Oh it really does!
And many folds at that!

God brings such joy  to our lives
that repay it we must says the heart
But “how to do so” wonders the intellectual part
An answer so simple that lies right before us, it does!

“Give my people what I give you”
Says the Great Almighty.
And you will have done your part
And so spread the joy as you move along in the path
And bliss will abound your heart, your life, your eternity

Monday, December 20, 2010

The world is one big Christmas tree with gifts ready for you to reach out

"If you give the world your best, then you will get the best of the world."

Well I believe this.Dreams do come true. I know I have said this before also but it requires special emphasis because when we are struggling, sometimes we have nothing except faith and passion. It's like this statement

"It's really hard to wait on something that you may never happen but it's even harder to give it up when you know it's the only thing you ever wanted".

And I was always a firm believer  of the Alchemist theory of the world conspiring to give you what you really desire. I believed when I didn't know. But now I know.Now I have seen it happen. And so I want to share the faith and hope with all. Miracles do happen in this world.

Basically each individual's life is like a puzzle. We come across pieces with experience.Some pieces don't fit and we throw them out. But some are pieces like treasures, to dear to let go. And we keep them in hope that maybe some day they will fit together. And YES, that happens. There comes a day when the pieces with you all come together  to form a beautiful picture.Live in that moment. Take a snapshot of it. Cherish it! And when next time,  you see more beautiful pieces, you will have this snapshot as proof that someday somewhere, even those pieces will fit.....