Friday, August 31, 2007

Some known but lesser stated facts

  • The best time to write blogs:one day before exams.....!!!

  • The best time to think of life and everything else onder the sky:same as above

  • The best time to write poems:same as above but also when in agitated state of mind. So most poets must be the most frustrated ppl on earth!!!

  • The best way to remove agitations:.....tell me!

One would be to think simple thoughts,escape for a while into pleasures,like some song,dance out ,simple discussions, to live in the moment and not worry about how changes would affect the future.As changes are to be experienced in that moment ..not in future.Some things as simple as watching birds can be refreshing.
But what's most important to have hope and maybe a smile.Well that leads to reasons to you its cycle....but wont call it vicious...


Going going ,going down and under,
Oh what blunder!
Oh why wonder!

Fighting fighting, fighting in life,
Oh what strife!
Slicing through me like a knife!

Crying crying,crying to me,
Take me!
Hold me!
Rescue me away from me.

Fear engulfs me here,
Getting hard to bear,
Reach out to me,
As can't see thee.

Memories are ghosts I hold onto,
Scared of darkness to plunge into,
Resisting lonliness calling,
Afraid of falling

Falling falling ,falling to eternity,
Nothing's a certainity
Situations not such a severity but shocked by my temerity
Lost,seeking that same security,

(To be continued.....)

Monday, August 20, 2007


There comes a time when writing gets stunted, there comes a time when dreams come true but further ambitions get stunted,there comes a time when all is good but growth is stunted,when you happy but feelings get stunted,when life itself seems stunted,halted...

All this is described so well in a friends are some lines in continuation to it...........
Ek safar ek dastaan ki talaash hai"(her line),

Bahut kuch paaya ab kisi naye khwab ki talaash hai,
manzil to mil gayi par fir kisi raah ki talaash hai,
Humsafar se zindagi khili hai par thamein haath saath chalen jo un yaaron ki bhi talaash hai,
Zindagi tham si gayi hai,kuch naye khayalat ki talaash hai
Muskaan to hai par fir kisi naye jasbaat ki talaash hai
Aansu to hain par ghum ki talaash hai
Haasil to bahut kiya par ab aur maangne ki "chaah" ki talaash hai
Soch ke shabdon ki talaash hai
kisi geet ki in labzon ko talaash hai

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Give changes a chance

Life changes a lot and very often.........
and at times changes can scare a lot also......
they can make us grumpy as we are used to being in our comfort zones.....
but once there is no growth in them,changes are necessary....
there is a need to explore and widen our horizons .....
And if we are too lazy or too fearful to do so...God pushes us towards them.......
Just like with baby birds...when they first fly......
The best tihng is to accept our eyes and look at the beautiful world around us...enjoy our being.....make the most of those changes and really live...
Sometimes even when dreams come true,we get more afraid than excited....afraid of how it be now....but we must remember that we have been rewarded for something we truly believed in so it can only be good:)