Sunday, March 30, 2008

Books and their effects...esp Harry Potter

Is it insensitive if you are attached to inanimate things.....?

I don't mean it in the today's true materialistic sense but in that you can derive happiness from 'things' when you can't from 'people'. I know happiness comes from within but some aides do help That you want to escape to another world but not want to hear the latest in this world?

Some world like which makes you ponder and reflect and grow but is constant like an everlastign friend............some world like.....BOOKS

Take Harry Potter for example.....I am sure lots of people exist who know details of what happened to each character but don't take the time to read the newspaper. Does it matter?

I remember being affected by the "death" of one of my favourite characters.(Sirius Black) and remember exactly when I read it yet all over the world people are dying in some way or otherand I may ponder to think about it but after some time it goes away unless you know them personally.

Its easy to understand any charcater in the book but how many times do we stop to analyse people in our lives when they make mistakes...even if bad ones?

I mean I even have theory about Voldemort(i know i also find it unbelievable to think abt him!)....maybe the mental and physical state of his mother affected his stability. And his life could not be worth living without which he denied his ignorant self. What a waste!

Some other comments on Harry Potter Series........

"Love is the most powerful magic", said Dumbledore ....well that's certainly true!

But not so is obsession...that's like giving someone a love potion.

And kindness pays.......Harry's to Wormtail did pay and so did Dumbledore's to Draco...

Draco was bad...but his main problem was weakness of character and selfishness. But he wasn't "evil" ...couldn't kill Dumbledore.

Even Duddly almost thanked Harry in the last book.

Positive thinking helps........wipes out sinking thoughts(Dementors)

Chocolates also help!...bring a cheer.......

Laughter is the best medicine...Boggarts also go away!

Your choice makes you who you are....sorting hat.

Insecurities ,crushes,self doubt and even a little possessivness are part of life and need to be accepted.

Everyone has a unique well-defined it Ron or Luna Or Neveil or Weasley Twins.....each had weaknesses but were imporant never the less.

There is no place like home...
But people make it so.

People aren't always what they seem...Snape...considered to be the worst kind of traitor ,turned out to be completely sincere.

People can change for better..Snape again...Deatheater to Dumbledore's man.

Exams don't make or mar your"life".....Harry was least in early books.

And last of all...most commow but still best...Good does win.....
I think if taken in its truest could inculcate good values in kids and act as a reminder for adults.Its nice and wholesome but has a depth still.
Could probably write a book on its review!

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