Wednesday, June 22, 2011

People in our lives

Some changes just creep into you. Others, you just notice much later. 

As browsed through my phonebook today, I realised just how much life has changed. There were of course some random people whom I couldn't place at all. But there were others. There people who had been sort of good friends once at a time and I suddenly realised that years had passed since we talked. There were people, who had once been pretty good friends, what with all their home numbers, parents number stored away so meticulously. In some cases physical distance changed relational distance also. And maybe at some level it was expected. There are people with whom you share  great time but somehow you know it wouldn't last outside the given environment. It can make you feel nostalgic but it won't hurt much.

But there were people with whom friendship itself changed. Our opinions about each other changed. Values changed. And suddenly in our respective new lives, there was no space for the other. Happens. But didn't know it could.  And each time you wonder about the whys and hows.

I felt strange as I deleted all those contacts, knowing my heart already had, years ago in many cases. Yet I felt at a loss knowing I was closing doors.  Even if they had already been shut.

Sure, I may hear about these through friends, social network sites etc but that doesn't even make them  "contacts".

And then I browsed the remaining contacts, ignoring "work related" ones. I found those who had grown active after my previous such perusal, knowing that they were the ones to hold onto, even with the distance. These numbers may not have been used that often but it was reassuring to know that good memories are created whenever they are.

There were those who are still uncategorised and haven't stood the test of time yet.

There were those whose numbers need hardly be stored because they are embedded permanently. And those whose numbers may not be used for months simply because of the distance but there are still embedded out there.

And then there are, the lifelines....

Reminds of the concept of reason, season and  lifetime.