Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Why is it that things we fear most occur?
People we love most from our actions suffer?
Why on sharing their pain we can’t take it away?
Yet in out bad times can’t keep their tears at bay?
Why is it that in troubles , our tears form a stream , only to realise that joy was across it?

Why is it that out of molehills we create mountains of worries, doubts with trust buried beneath it?
And then crumple looking for it?

Why we never give joy a chance …
Why we don’t think that life is meant to be lead happily?
And believe in ”too good to be true” ?
But in bad situations, we expect it to get worse?
Why when life is at its best, we expect something to wrong?

And yet in turbulent times, we say “that’s life”.

Why do we pray only when we are left with no other alternative..
Without realising had it been our first choice we would never have been lost at all?

Why we kill innocence in childhood by letting kids not trust strangers?
Instead of asking them to be strangers that anyone would trust?
Why is the unknown always feared and never looked forward to?

Why we intinctively guard ourselves against nice people, afraid that they aren’t real but fraud?Why we expect the worse out of people we don’t know?

Why are we balmed for lack of priority sense if friendship ,relations come before work?
Is love itself not GOD’s sacred work?
Why innocents who pay for trusting blamed more than those who break them?
Why those who love unconditionally called emotional fools?
Why are there millions who laugh with you but few to cry with you?

Why we spend half our lives in fear of being hurt and the other half in regret of neverhaving trusted ?
Why after reading this , you feel cynical about how bad the world is without thinking how much better your many improvement can make in it?

why blog?

It's an interesting question this....why blog?People say we do so to express our thoughts but doesn't a dairy serve the same purpose?Somehow it doesn't.It doesn't diminish the emptiness from within, that craving to share your thoughts but not knowing whom to tell or not having anyone to listen right then.Yes blogging is the best thing for introverts and also for emerging writers.After all we all need someone to test our" latest piece of creativity".But many times people can't relate to it.In blogging anyone can post a comment so we get a generalised view.It gives power to say whatever you want to say and whenever you want to say.I hope i enjoy this.And you all enjoy reading my blogs.