Friday, June 08, 2007

Stolen moments

Stolen moments like a treasure
Moments of pure pleasure.

Yet they bring a fear
Now parting’s too hard to bear.

When near all worries cease
Into the magical moment we freeze

Yet moments borrowed
Moments soon escape

Stolen moments of pleasure
Will they ever be ours forever?

(based on same theme but yet to decide whether to take them as 2 separate poems to be completed or as a single one)

Hold onto to you I do,
Faithful I am,
Yet will destiny allow this dream to come true?
Positive I am,
Yet, can this moment be sealed eternally wonder I do,
Scared I am,
Distance is easy to bear,
Partings’ all I fear.

Though in different directions we may at times fly
Yet no need to cry
Fulfilling duties, staying united under the sky.

Give me magical wings to fly
To be near you, never to say bye.

So at each dusk in peace we lie
In relief we sigh.

Novels, the storybook land of wonder leave a part of themselves within us.
But in music we leave a part of ourselves
Ultimately going back to those phases whenever we read or hear that piece.
Or get transformed by mood, thought or action in first go.
Such is the magic of creativity
At times to me it surpasses even beauty

Friday, June 01, 2007

In life people don't really need help,or
encouragement, or support , they just need to be loved truly. They need to
be cherished and valued.That's why sometimes it helps so much to hear "all will be ok" when said and meant.
Sometimes it helps so much when dear ones persist inspite of telling them that you want to be alone.

A saying that i read recently:
greatest challenge is to be yourself in a world where everyone wants you to be
someone else