Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lazy work days

I don't yet know the future course of action. But I know one thing, life will decide what is best. Sometimes the decision isn't yours even after all your pondering! And it feels right that way also because each piece of work has it's own importance and ultimately can make the most of whatever is given. The important thing is remember youth is for work and whether or not you have external motivation, it is your duty to toil hard. It's just that self motivation is HARD. But trying new activities keeps life exciting and helps at times.

One thing that I have noticed is that I try to get rid of all distractions by giving way to them before getting to work. But by the time that is done, there is no time left for work!!!

Well it's not completely wrong , as it is said " Life is unsure; always eat your dessert first."

OK so now I am confused why I even wrote this post!

Of my dear …

As I come to my abode
I feel pleasure at thy presence again
Thy will be there waiting as ever
Sameness so comforting
Yet outwardly changed enough to be riveting

No matter what storms the day brings me
I know I can come back to thee
No words are required
None indeed are said

As I devour each lanky inch
I consume each part within my grasp
As my hunger satiates and I can only gasp
At the pleasure of consuming thee maggi!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kudos to Kapil Sibal

Kapil Sibal's new poem portrays beautiful the least the man is trying to understand young minds. After attending a few functions in which he spoke, observing recent changes and reading this poem, I feel this man will make a difference. Here's the poem

Please rid me of this awful load

preparing for the class X board

My thirsty mind craves to create
Not have exams decide my fate

My wondrous eyes yearn to explore
Much beyond my classroom doors

My dreams should not be cut to size
Because I hate to memorize

If you test me for brains and guile
Don't have to look at percentiles

Marks encourage one upmanship
a free ride on an ego trip

With textbooks I should start to surf
Inquiringly look for new turf

Walk away from the trodden path
And not invite my teacher's wrath

Solving a sum will help find
Real answers to a questioning mind

Create the space for me to run
Let learning be a lot of fun

Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Ab yahan tak aa gaye hain, ab kidhar jaayen?"....again

"Ab yahan tak aa gaye hain, ab kidhar jaayen?"
And the soul-searching continues.............

I don't worry about whether I will get what I want or not but about whether I will choose what I want. No it's not arrogance. Far from it. It's just a firm belief that we get what we really want. The theory has gained popularity, it Alchemist or The Secret.

But here the problem is the realization of what I want for the rest of my life. Not for just me, but for any of us going through the transition stage.

Do dreams last a lifetime? Or do they change as we grow? It's actually very difficult when you are at the brink of your dream coming true. You don't know what next. But worst still what if you don't know if it is still as dear? Sometimes it's just fear, sometimes shear laziness. If so you overcome them and move on. If you hear a voice deep inside your heart, just follow it, no matter how crazy. God will lead you then. Some dreams remain embedded within you. Don't lose them.

And yet I wonder is life all about just rushing after dreams? When do we slow down? Is that only to be left for old-age?

A very confusing post indeed, I know!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Solitude is nice. One who enjoys it the most is the loner. But his journey should not be despised. He has what many carve. Self-dependence. But there are two sides to every coin and one has to experience that in life.

You may think you value your aloneness without being lonely, but you still get used to being around people with time. That time you miss solitude. But when those people go away, suddenly the aloneness that was dear to you becomes loneliness.

The worst kind of loneliness occurs when surrounded by people. But sometimes even that seems better than not having people around you. Living souls are comforting to have as a part of the environment. They don't eliminate your loneliness but they make it less creepy. Yet sometimes they aggravate the situation. They don't understand lonely don't want to be pitied. The only way this helps is you realise you enjoy your solitude more than such favours.

From aloneness to loneliness and back to aloneness. It's a vicious circle.
Nothing lasts forever.

If we actually believed this, we could probably never get through life.