Monday, March 03, 2008

Naure at its best!Spring oh spring.......

I guess I go to paradise everyday of my life with flowers surrounding me ina hevanly mannar. Imagine discussing them with anyone-good to see that they create no barriers of grown up or children , of student or teacher. Inside you study as you can but outside you can discuss flowers with same person to whom u exhibited your not-so- great achievements and who represents torturous subjects of not-so -great happniess to u. Still flowers bring a comoon ground where all are common students of the class taken by nature.

I mean how much can the trivialities of life affect you if you can look at beautiful flowers of every possible color as you walk along your workplace...
if you can see birds in their joyous flights....
making you forget your plight
if you can see squirrels in their playful antics. ...
making you forget to be frantic
if you can see how the sky changes color with each season,
with each day,each hour even......
flowers so pink but ever so slightly mellow
or the most beautiful yellow
or purple with a white "halo"
some swaying ones
some steady ones
some scented ones
some scentless ones
some small ones
some large ones
each with a beauty of its own
whether in a bunch or entirely on their own
each with a pattern and color to match
no man made one is like them even by a patch

trees swaying their greens
telling you what life means
leaves come and go
but trees stay, they belong to long ago
winds can blow leaves right out
but the stronger ones stick out
leaves with their changes hues
driving away all blues
still they eventually fall and say bye
but sturdy branches don't die
this is story of the tree
but it could well be of you or me
do we with our roots stay
or with wind do we sway away?

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