Friday, March 07, 2008

To try or to forgo.....

Somethings you just can't win. One should strive for all but build hopes only for goals which are solely dependent on us. Sometimes its best to let go and admit you defeat though that's not what I have ever learnt in life.

I mean I always believe/believed that if you truly want something then work for it, if can't then ask help, if can't then at least keep wishing and if it's good and you want it enough then someday you will get it.

But I wonder which train of thought is true or maybe truth is fuzzy.....not completely in either.

PS:I have seen evidence of both.Sometimes trying gives wonderful results and at times only letting go makes things turn around and yields success.


Tapasya said...

Its tough to comment on this one.

sandeip said...

we live and we learn,ryt?

aditi said...

Hmmm...maybe but some questions never have unique answers so theres no constant answer

Ya we live and learn and things are never same to it's by each experience that we gain insight