Wednesday, August 15, 2018

ज़रूरी नहीं

हर सज़ा के लिये कुसूरवार होना जरूरी नहीं है,
हर खुशी के लिये किसी  मुस्कराहट का उमीदवार होना ज़रूरी नहीं है ।

हर रौशनी के लिये सुर्य की किरनों का हकदार होना ज़रूरी नहीं है,
जिन्दगी के उतार चढ़ाव में, हर मोड़ के लिये तैयार  होना ज़रूरी नहीं है ।


It is not necessary (but happens)

It is not necessary for every punishment to be due to some direct fault
It is not necessary for every happiness to have ownership of a smile.

For (receiving) every light, it is not necessary to be entitled to sun rays,
In the ups and downs of life, it is not necessary to be ready for every turn.

Everything that we experience or feel need not necessarily be sourced back to ourselves, our actions, reactions or even our own emotions.

Friday, July 27, 2018

The guilt of the bystander

I am the bystander
I see all, I hear all
But in actions I did stall

Sometimes you see an unfairness
And keep quiet you do
Sometimes you analyze and realise
Your control over the situation is none

So what does one do there?
Close eyes to what is true?
Or speak up without fear
Knowing changes it brings about are none
Or cloud eyes with guilt and tears
While actions you take are still none...

Sometimes there is a need to take a stand
Just to speak up, say aloud  that " 'tis was wrong"
Knowing it doesn't solve matters
For in absense of it at all
One experiences the guilt of the bystander

One wonders how valid it is...
Is it the same as the wrongdoer?
Or less simply for lack of action?
Or nullified for lack of possible result of any said action?
The guilt that eats away the bystander

Friday, July 20, 2018

July booklist

Book 31: Granny Dan by Danielle Steel
Rating: 4.5
A fabulous story which emcompasses different aspects of life: ambition, love, strife, war and family and maintaining balance. It so well depicts that life goes on and it should, no matter the circumstances.

Book 32: Who moved my cheese?
By Dr. Spencer Johnson
Rating: 4.5
Came back to it recently in an hour of need and it was yet again as helpful. Sometimes we need to go back to basics and understand that we have to accept changes, especially when that is the only actionable possibility.

Book 33:  The murder of roger ackroyd Agatha Christie
Rating: 4
A chilling one! The end was actually completely unexpected.

Book 34: Medical Romance : A family Christmas by Josie Metcalfe
Rating: 3.5
A calm, soothing everyday kind of romance novel.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Does writing also come with age limits?

Ok, here I am actually looking for answers. Does writing, especially poetry writing peak and ebb at certain ages? Does poetry flowing only come with unrest? Maybe once you get out of the typical teenage unrest, it ebbs off? Or maybe it just requires more nurturing after that, just like any other skill.

Do words flow in all ages? I recently noticed that I seem to go back to, agree with and appreciate old poems more than write new ones. Ideally one is not suppossed to like ones own old writings and we don't for all cases but yes I do like to look back at them. Or is it all I can do because new words are difficult to flow?  New poetry is difficult to come even when inspired, even though words are not. Maybe there are stages in life to write and stages when just reads. A third would not be a possibility a writer or a reader could imagine with ease.

Does daily life make one too mechanical for it? Can one become too busy living life to observe and record its vagrants?  Or maybe this just a writer's block speaking...lets see.
What I do know if it can't go away completely, words do come back though the medium and level of inspiration may vary.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Movies and reviews

Besides other resolutions, a fun one was to watch more good movies.  So here are two which required that I actually take notes while watching them:

Dear Zindagi

The movie was interesting though it dragged a little. But it had several vital lessons and dialogues. Some interesting quotes are given below:

Sometimes we only choose a difficult path because we feel it's necessary to choose it get to the important stuff, while its ok to choose the easy option.

If we understand ourselves then it doesn't matter what other people think about it

Genius is not the person who has answers to questions but one who has patience to arrive at all answers

Every broken thing can be repaired

To feel safe, one has to remove all fears

The chair creeks when you really like someone and can't do anything to do about it. So many chairs we see before buying so why not for a life partner

One needs to cry freely to laugh freely

Don't let the past blackmail your present to ruin a beautiful future

We are all our teachers in the school of life

Genius is about knowing when to stop


An amazing movie. I wasn't able to understand the negative reviews for this one.  It had many vital lessons and in a way they were depicted throughout the movie but here are some interesting dialogues besides the rest:

Life does not take exam subjectwise

Chalk: a little change at the top makes it easy to use.  That's all we require, a little change from why to why not

Who was your favourite teacher in u know their salary?

Friday, June 15, 2018

TTT: Life, time and random stuff

Time for some new short stories. New instances of Terribly Tiny Tales or more like Tragically tiny ones. No theme this time or maybe time itself is the theme or life as a function of time.

#TTT1: They were to about make an emergency landing in the sea. There was one less lifejacket. His. As he wondered about looking for one, there it was with the postit "happy birthday :)" followed by the sound of a splash.  As he looked, there, down below, a speck of a new swimmer started the struggle against the mighty sea.

#TTT2: She reflected on the time and money spent on antigeing creams and agony and fear of white hair and wrinkles as the doctor told her that she didn't have enough time left to age.

#TTT3: She didn't know how to say the sad goodbye. So she didn't. 15 years later they still say the happy ones after regular phone calls and rendezvous.

Monday, June 11, 2018

The inevitable changes

There are changes and then there are inevitable changes, to which we resign ourselves. I guess it's easy to call yourself adjustable to changes when its just changes that affect you externally. Like the seasonal changes, illness which comes and goes and changes in your daily tasks. There can be changes which seem smaller than these but which affect you internally.  An example, as an only child I would cry when certain guests/family/ friends left. It was an inevitable change. If people come to visit you, they will go eventually but that didn't change the fact that the little me didn't want that. All around there would be smiles at the childishness and yet the process would get repeated often enough for a few years.  I guess some parts of us just don't grow up. And it has more to do with inevitable changes, where you can't even hope. "The Secret" holds the theory that whatever you really desire, you can make happen. But that fails for these changes because logically you know they will happen/have happened such that can't be reversed do you aren't able to even wish them away. Like after learning to walk, after a while we lose the ability to crawl well. Some examples:

1. Death: when death takes someone away, you can't wish it away. There is nothing anyone can do and it brings with it a hopelessness due to the unreachability. That is why it is feared.

2. Passing out of school/college/higher studies: Yes, this is a very unique form of inevitable change with mostly a fixed duration. You know a year before that it's going happen and it will change your life forever. It is exciting, yet a part of us wishes we could just remain in our cocooned phase. That we could hang out with friends forever discussing "what we will do in life" rather than knowing that that itself is one of the most beautiful phases of life.  We almost never get a chance for those carefree discussions again.  It's like, in the words of a protogonist of a forgetable movie with an unforgetable dialogue...when you realize that the people you meet everyday you would now talk to on birthdays and meet maybe every 3 months to reminsce the "good old days" and that too if things are good.

3. All the other inevitable changes in life that you are logically convinced will happen and yet you don't want them to. They may make sense. They may not. It doesn't matter to the child within who only wishes the good phases to last a little longer, for people to stop going away/ stop changing. It's a little like finishing the last chapter of a really good book series. You feel empty. You are glad you read it, yet you wish it could have lasted a little while longer. Or when one dream is fulfilled and next is not out of the pipeline. It's the journey we enjoy, the journey we live for. End results are but pauses to the next journey. Yet some journeys are better than others. Some infinities, you wish to be bigger than others.