Saturday, September 16, 2017


Trees swaying their greens
telling you what life means
leaves come and go
but trees stay, they belong to long ago
winds can blow leaves right out
but the stronger ones stick out
leaves with their changing hues
driving away all blues
still they eventually fall and say bye
but sturdy branches don't die
this is story of the tree
but it could well be of you or me
do we with our roots stay
or with wind do we sway away?

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wordless days

Wordless days, hungry days
Sleepless nights and sleepy days
All end in an equal haze....
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Wordless days,
Sightless gaze
Smileless face,
It's all a needless chase...

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Food for soul: Books n music

Novels, the storybook land of wonder leave a part of themselves within us.
But in music we leave a part of ourselves
Ultimately going back to those phases whenever we read or hear that piece.
Or get transformed by mood, thought or action at first go.
Such is the magic of creativity
At times to me it surpasses even beauty

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Some things never change...

Sometimes the internet with it's strong memory can teach you about yourself. I recently realised this through Facebook and this very blog. Facebook has a feature called "On this day" which shows what we posted on that day some years ago. I saw a post from three years ago in which I had photos of clouds for two successive days. What is strange is that that's exactly what I have been doing recently!
Coincidence? Well here's more. Recently I was browsing over my old posts, specifically poems. And they still seem as relevant to me....even those which were over ten years ago! The words may seem crude but the words still make sense to me. And I think that's unusual even for writers. Or maybe it's just hard to acknowledge.  Or have I not grown at all? Or is it that some basics remain constant despite the ever-changing world? Like outer coverings to the inner soul.  Maybe  we remain the same, our individuality ageless while seasons and years change and with it what changes is only our response and mannerisms.

What do you think? Would love to have some thoughts here.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Kuch pal

Zindagi mein mukaam to kai hote hai,
Kuch manzilen, kuch raaste banke reh jaate hain,
Kabhi thehro to dekho,
Kuch pal apne nishan chod jaate hain...

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Why being a scientist can broaden your views

As a researcher, one learns to value data and not go by face value. A small dataset may give great results. However, it may not be easy to reproduce those results on slightly larger dataset, say 1.5 times the size. And if the dataset is huge, maybe 100 times the original one, why, the original results would be quite pointless. How then can we generalise characteristics of people based on religion, region, caste or gender? In our limited lives, a human would only come across a limited set of people, a very small subset of the populace. And even within that, there would be contraints. In data, especially image processing and vision dataset, a solution is expected to work for specific costraints. Yet in real life, we expect an entire community to behaive similarly. We judge individuals based on our experience  with other individuals of similar community be it region, religion, caste or some other social category.

In research, if a solution works for lab conditions, it may not work at a real field. If it works in a field in India, it may not work at Austria. It is not expected to. A daytime solution is not expected to work at nighttime. Yet when it comes to individuals, we generalise. We forget the contraints that people live under. What is easy for one individual may be a struggle for another. What is a negative in one may work as a positive for another living in different conditions.

The poor one shouldn't be the assumed thief. A given community may be not full of misers. A given religion may not be all about violence. Women need not be the weaker sex. The man need not always be a hero or a villain. The illiterate need not be less intelligent. The hungry beggar isn't a nuisance.  The quite one need not always be proud. The jolly one can also sometimes be serious. And finally, the small children are not as unknowingly as they may seem.

There is no common man. There are only sprcial individuals, each uniquely created with a very precious life of their own. Each has an entire, little world of their own. Humans are not data points to draw patterns and make conclusions.

Friday, August 11, 2017

A New India

Recently our office held a poetry writing session /competition for Independence Day....well in addition to dressing up in tricolor! Finally a workplace which encourages writing, even creative writing! Well, what a great way to celebrate Independence Day! All were encouraged to write and a selected few were asked to read out their creations. What a great session! And what a wonderful way to make you think about your country.
Here's my entry as selected to be read for the same. Just some thoughts woven together to rhyme but mostly just a raw form. But it felt good to reflect and polish the writing cells a bit.

A new India

A new India has emerged recently in our society
Full of technology and all things IT
The largest number of social media users has it drawn
With malls, MNCs, supermarkets, daycares and metros is it adorned
A greener India, a cleaner India
A happier India it seems to be
But a freer India do my eyes still seek

Where the old and gold remains the same
Taking along values of our forefathers
Of strong family systems
Respecting elders,
We march towards a peaceful India with yoga, prayers and meditation
Practising unity in diversity
We strive for equal rights for all without any deviation

Towards a healthier and happier India we strive
Where technology reaches the poor India
Distance learning at villages becomes a reality
A digital India with vegetable vendors having paytm and bank accounts
A decrease in corruption as pressure for transparency mounts
And a decrease in social tabboos at all counts

A free India
Where all biases obliviate
And everyone can just be
Women can walk, wear, work in a manner completely free
Where religion is practised in private
And nationalism in public
Where students study in colleges
And educated adults go to politics

And seniors citizens retire and can relax and smile
While the youngsters for social wellfare go that extra mile
Where there’s always someone to wipe the tears of a hungry child
To aid the helpless and needy gain employment and prosperity
So the entire populace has a basic dignity
And all join hands in whenever there's a calamity