Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Whats the best?

Years pass and years go...
Some are fast and some are slow
Each had moments of smiles and tears
Of actualization of dreams as well as fears

Yet its all exciting isn't it?
To have a place where you fit.
To have people to share the new year with
What's better than a family to live with?

Why then do we have to go for work afar?
Why destiny closes the doors that were once ajar?
Is it something just and right?
Or is it something we should fight?

Don't take me away from my nest
Oh please don't put my emotions to test
I don't care what's best
I just want everyday to end in a rest

Life Changes, so do people

Life seems to be so easily represented in phases and each phase to meet represents people. Of course some people continue through all phases , for those we are lucky. But there are others whom we wish to stay forever but they don't. Sometimes they never really go away physically and just grow apart. At other times, the physical distance gradually draws you apart. I never expected this but it happens sometimes. It's when changes happen so slowly that you never notice them that they hurt. You don't miss those people, you miss that time, that phase, which can of course never be repeated.

It's like when you go away from college and you continue to meet old friends, it's normal but when you can't even do that, you miss "those days " so much more.

It's the people who make memories not phases. But when people change, you look for good memories in those phases.

Why do people change?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Love and learn or learn and love...that is the question

What is more important in life? To learn or to love. I would say love. Experiences help us grow and learn but what if they are at the cost of discomfort not just for you but also for loved ones? Then what? Can you assume that loved ones may also need to learn and go along with it or should you assume that nothing can make you grow more than love?

Tagged! 5 Things before I die.....

Been tagged by Geetika. Took many days to get to writing this one. I guess when it comes down to it, somethings are too private to write down here....committing here means I can't run away from them...however will write a few some fun ones and some serious ones..........5 is easier than 10!

1)Read lots and lots with my own private library. Sometimes books are like best friends.

2)Write a book

3)Experience the various flavors of life...

4)Learn lots

5)Love lots


They were a new "couple", even that word seemed foreign that time, but they had starry eyes and they were happy, ohh so blissfully happy with each other. At the same time, they were a couple with values and limits and willingness to follow that.
But they were carefree like kids, walking together holding hands and talking as they walked out of college for the day, both having done well in "final practicals". Suddenly out of no where ,came 3 men and started shouting at them. "Don't you know how to walk in college. Do you think this is a garden?" The spell was broken.
The girl was scared, the guy irritated. Neither was actually "punished", only lectured. Some would say "forget it", it hardly affected them. No, at the practical level it hardly did. But what about their lost peace of mind and lost carefreeness? How does one go about measuring that?

At the same time another solitary girl was walking into the same college being verbally harassed by rude and "suggestive" teacher. But there was no one to help her. There was another group of students "discussing" their exams as the invigilator had conveniently gone out "for a while" . There no one to help the girl and no one to monitor the group may be because the trio was too busy talking about "this generation" not knowing "how to walk".

So through this blog, I am going to be bold enough to say, no I don't feel "Public Displays of Affection"( of such forms) are wrong. In this world full terrorism, why should love be suppressed? Love like laughter is contagious and seeing a couple happy together would make or at least should make people smile and feel good. Yes I agree that there should be limit and intimacies should be avoided and those people discouraged. But why should all others of the generation suffer and be blamed for them? Give them a break, let them enjoy being happy. Hugging someone or holding hands isn't going to kill anyone! Take your time out to catch bigger and more dangerous issues troubling the society.......there are plenty!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Goodness of life

It's true...all that you want does come to you!
Ultimately good things do happen even if after long struggle so it's best not to despair but to remember this.

Monday, December 08, 2008

True Love

Barbra Streisand depicts true and pure love so beautifully in this song...

Here as I lay beside you, I know
How grateful my heart feels
Knowing that you've come
In my world to stay
Now I know my life has finally begun
That dream, that's promised everyone
Now when the world around me looks gray
I look into your eyes and all the darkness goes
I can find my way
Finally I know I'm never alone
A light inside will lead me home
Remember it's all there is
Remember it's all there was
The answer is right here in our hands
And know if our hearts are true
There's nothing we have to do
You and me for always
Now when I wake each morning I say
No need to look ahead
Leave the past behind
Here's a brand new day
Suddenly my life is perfectly clear
The love we found was always here
Remember it's all there is
Remember it's all there was
The answer is right here in our hands
And know if our hearts are true
There's nothing we have to do
You and me for always
Never ending, never changing
The answer is here in our hands
Always reaching , always climbing
You and me for always
Ever loving, ever lasting
The answer is here in our hands
Always changing, always loving...

After even the coldest winter comes spring.......read it somewhere and loved it.So true.

If only

It's horrible when people tell you "You should have done this...how could you not do this?"
They make you regret what you have reconciled yourself to. The best thing to do under the circumstances is not to allow them to. There was probably good in whatever happened in whatever way.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Things do work out in the end somehow.....
But it's still as difficult to realize that earlier