Sunday, September 24, 2006

You busy or what???

People keep saying "hey i am so busy ....i never had the is so hectic that.....blah blah blah"
Yes these days we never seem to have time do we?
For what don't we have time?
Oh we find time to watch our favourite shows but not enough time to chat to a friend.We find time to day dream but not pursue hobbies that fullfill our dreams.We find time to stay on the"net" but no time to sleep.

Ever wondered why???

Who makes our lives so hectic? Noone but ourselves.We try to hide ourselves behind defences of "being busy" instead of confronting to the fact that life "sucks".We find it much easier to stay busy rather than untangle the web of ur life.We just don't bother to care enough even for ourselves.So what to bother about others?i mean think about the last time you took time to appreciate Sunlight,rain ,sunsets,birds ......?

Whats the use of it then?ultimately we won't carry even our work with us but will carry the lessons.Ans learining is what we remember after we have for gotten.So stop trying to cram up life.To learn we must forget little worries first ............
Take to time live and learn...without being afraid of mistakes.

We all take time out to do things we enjoy but we just need to spend a few quite moments and realise what that really is.

And no I didn't write this to preach.I am a self-confessed busy person....almost out of home 12hrs a day.Studying later.Not having enough time for even friends till recently...not sleeping enough...snapping at everyone...

But I am happy now.Because I realised the value of little moments of life.......when this friday i tok time to appreciate the rain....when i just sat down with a novel the night before an exam...or when i keep orkutting....when i watch TV with my parents....go to McD's with friends..... basically whenever the pressures too much, i just let it fizz off and relax!And voilla!i am a new person all over again!Some may call it wasting of time.But what the heck!Its MY life and i am gonna enjoy it my way!