Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Probability of happiness

It is said that P(AB)=P(A AND B)/P(B).....(1)
But it is also possible to havr P(AB) =P(A)....(2)

Now all studious people are warned away from this blog.........

Well I feel that above results can be compares to our happiness as dependent on others'(1) and as independent.
If what someone else does affect us in some way then our happiness can and probably will depend on them to some extent ....depending on the importance of the action and our will power.

But if people's actions don't affect then it should NOT affect our happiness. That is just being plain interfering. Its normal and bad but when you are unhappy , it hardly makes you feel better to know about good things in anyone else's life. And if it doesn't then either you are very good or that person means more than happiness to you.

What's the solution? Acknowledge that and make an effort to occupy thoughts by something more fruitful than complaining and fretting. Peace of mind is more important thna happiness. And if you are at peace with yourself then the world doesn't affect you to extreme ends.


sandeip said...

QT-1 redux!!!
i might even have understood the post...but the (1) and (2) gave me the willies :P

aditi said...

Reply[Sandeip]Didnt undrstand "QT-1 redux"??
Hmm...tried explaining (1) and(2) in my context!.. :P

sandeip said...

QT1..or quantitative techniques for business is the demon course at our insti..with all probabilistic sampling and stochastic modelling and other such "ings" which i never understood...have a rabid fear of equations and inequations :)

aditi said...

Reply[Sandeip]Ok...Glad I don't have it:P
But its fun to tear apart subjects and turn them into life meanings!

sandeip said...

probably,probably(there i go again)

but a statement of conditional probability torn apart and made into a meaning of my life???!!

i would be dead before i realised the probability of someone being able to offer me insurance :((

aditi said...

Hmm....What a plight!
But theres probability of 1 of there coming a time when you forget the subject:)

sandeip said...

i am smart..i will drop this topic now :D

besides reader tells me u have a new post..

sort of(sic) a poem,at that :D

i will go pick on it