Sunday, June 29, 2008

New age political criteria

The polititians want to set reservations everywhere even when they aren't required and only seem to create barriers which don't really exist in this generation and they seem find great pleasure in targeting India's pride-The IIT's.

Well I would love to give it back to them. Let them make decisions for us when they are equal to it. Let there be stringent criteria for people to enter into politics.

I would suggest
1)a minimum graduate degree/ some specialized course
2)with at least 4 years' worth social service and
3)some kind of specialist training institutes could be opened to give moral training as well( may be 6 months' worth).

Well after that, if they decide this then I promise not to object to their decision and neither would others I guess!

And no I am not crazy. The country's leaders need to be educated, sensitive to plight of the people and aware of moral responsibilities.
And each is covered in this criteria. But who will implement it?????

Saturday, June 28, 2008

What I say...

Everyone has at least a few minutes' worth conversation to share ....and with some you are meant to share just that!

Love is when you start of with starry eyes,then get back to normal and accept and continue to love the person and suddenly keep getting back the starry eyes for the same person:)

It's strange how people so far away physically
can be closer and people nearby can drift away.

You may not be there to share every moment and every silly secret with me but you are still close to my heart because I think of you and preserve things to tell you !

Does friendship require effort?

It's frustrating to have
conversations like
:"What's up? nothing". Why does that happen?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's a "too busy world"

A thin veil covers my eyes , my soul , my heart,

It isolates me from this world so big

Where people have no time , no smile and lost heart

Listen to what I say not for once can't you?

No matter how many they may be moments with you seem so few,

Don't you know that I miss you?


Who is the "you" all may ask

It's the world at large

Everyone rushing away with a more important task

Than just a simple gentle friendly chat

When was the last time together you and your mother sat?

Or are you too busy with deadlines, parties and fighting that fat?


Pain isn't only by big things but sometimes lil things hurt so,

And we try disguising it not knowing the reason the heart wants to cry

It isn't crazy , not everything has a reason and one who cares also needs to sometimes let it show

Why be available if you are busy

Old fashioned and demanding as it may be,

We find time for things that matter according to me

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Ok so I am taking this tag of taps but with the warning that the songs maybe a lil half complete kinds with missing words!lol!But still enjoyed it....

1.Love at first sight

"Pehle nasha...

naya pyar hai anaya intezar,karlun main kya pana haal ae dile bekaraar ,mere dile bekaraar tu hi bta......."
"Kyun aaj kal neend kum khwaab jyada hain...
Lagta khuda ka koi nake iraada hai,
kal tha fakeer dil aaj shahjyada hai,
kya mujhe pyaar hai hai ya..."

2.I love you
"Humein tumse pyaar hai kitna..."
"kaate nhi katte yeh din yeh raat....
kehni thi tumse jo pyaar ki baat,
lo aaj main keh rhi hun...
I Love You"

3.Life is a mystery
"kaisi paheli hai yeh zindagani..."

4.Life is nothing but a moment
"ek din mit jayega maati ke mol..."
"pal pal pal pal har pal ,
kaise katega yeh pal har pal"

5.Far from the madding crowds
"chod aaye hum"

6.Absolute high
"aaj main upar
aasman niche
aaj main aage
zamaana hai piche.."

7.Walk by my side
"aa chalke tujhe main leke chalon,
ek aese dagar ke tale,
jahan ghum bhi na hon
aansu bhi naa ho
bas pyaar hi pyaar chale"

"aage aage chalen hum piche piche geet sajna
tere mere hothon pe mithe mithe geet sajna"

"paas paas hum saath saath yum baatithe rahen....ek dooje ko yehi kehte rahen,

kabhi main kahun , kabhi tum kaho,ki maine tumhe yeh dil de diya..."

8.Consoling the self
"bhoolja jo hua usse bhoolja"

9.The long and winding roads...
"Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh...
kahan shuru kahan khatam"

"Socho ke jheelon ke shahar ho
leheron pe apna ke ghar ho
hum jo dekhen sapne pyaare
sach hon saare"
"awaara bhanware..."

11.The love makes the heart go crazy
"pyar diwana hota hai mastana hota hai,
har khushi se har ghum se begana hota hai"

12.Life is beautiful
" I am alive"!(Celien Dion)

13.Smile n Shine
"Musu Musu Hasi, Deu Malai Lai Musu Musu Hasi Deu
Zara Muskura De, Mukura De Zara Muskura De, Aye Khushi "

14.You are all I have
"Tu hi tu satrangi re"

15.Can't get enough of you
"teri meri, meri teri ek jaan hai,
saath tere rahenge sada,
ab hum naa honge juda
tumse milke aese laga
tumse milke"

"Jag ne chhina mujhse mujhe jo bhi laga pyaara
tum haar ke dil apna yeh jeet amar kardo
hotthon se chhulo tum,mere geet amar kardo"

17.Life is a dream
"khwabon ki yeh duniya hai khwabo mein hi rehna hai
waqt ne hamehsan yahan naye khel khele hain
kuch bhi ho jaye bas khsush rehna hai"

18.Dreams can get shattered
"tokarde tokarde ho gaya tha har sapna jab vo tootha.."

19.Lift all broken pieces and try again
"bikhare tokadon mein allah ki marji ka manjar paayega"

20.Work is bliss!
"Nirbal se ladai balwan ki yeh kahani hai diye ki aur toofan ki"

21.Fly away
"udta hi firun in hawaon mein kahin, ya main jhool jaun in ghataon mein kahin,
ek kardun aasman aur zameen"

"Rahe koi laakh pardon mein ,dare sharamse,
nazar koi laakh chuke sanam se,
aa hi jaata hai dil jis pe aana hota hai"

Friday, June 06, 2008

Random Writing Test:)

Usually I blog when I have something to say.Something stays in mind my for few hours if not few days. But this one is different. This is random to nothingness blog!Lwt's see what comes out in 15mins!

Sometimes you get overwhelmed when you realise how much you are loved
Sometimes you wish you could give that bit more instead of being lazy
Sometimes the best of things happen when all seems hazy
Sometimes you fear going crazy

The day doesn't end as it starts
Moods are like shades
Joy comes as sorrow fades
The teacher of life gives unexpected grades

So never despair or fear
Its ok to indulge, buy that new dress
It's ok to relax, no need to overstress
And of your leisure freely confess

For after some time with double vigor you will work
Coz leisure feel even better after works' pleasure
All moments with loved one's being an equal treasure
For love and work have no measure