Sunday, February 18, 2007


"Life is scary when dreams come true"but it shouldn't be .Sometimes dreams do come true........and then its important to just live them.When we have a dream,its belongs to 2 categories...either we just want to live on dreaming about it...that's perfectly normal.Some dreams we don't want to have as a part of reality.Their purpose is simply to re-enforce our faith in life.Then there are the dreams which we do hope will become a reality.Some of these we have control over...and they become ambitions for which we toil.But some we have no control over and can only be left in God's hands.These the ones which cause most anxiety and pain.If they don;t come true,we either get frustrated or keep waiting and hoping.
But sometimes dreams do come true......and then its important to live them fully.We need to accept the fact that if God bestows them to us then we deserve them.And they won't be snatched away unless they have served their purpose and are replaced by better ones.What is essential is that when we are given happiness,we should be grateful for it and value it instead of worrying that it will disappear sooner or later.At times we need to stop worrying and take time to realise how beautiful life really is.

Each to his own

Life changes.And it teaches.It teaches us to realise what we look down upon today maybe what we become and understand tomorrrow.And so even our views can get modified at times...we can realise that somethign which seemed strange now seems fine when we relate to ourselves.It only seemed different when we saw it from others' context.With experience grows understanding and with understanding grows accpetance.Nothing in life is ultimately bad.It's our thinking which makes it so-beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder.So do good or bad attributes and views.


"Trust is giving someone the power to hurt you and yet hoping and believing that they won't misuse it."

That's how i define it.But i am told its a fuzzy thing."It can't be exact can't be discrete...either 1 or 0.It's usually in between" i am told.But well that's just not the way things work according to me.

If we trust someone then we don't try to protect ourselves from them.And if we have to do that then we don't truly trust them.
This one blog defies the title "discovering life" in a way.Its not a generalised article and yet not a completely personal article.Its something I wrote for the college magazine but a bit late.So its more formal than i wnat my blogs to be genarally but Ido want to write something about college life and its too difficult to give a detailed account...too many memories to embed.So here my college friends.....

“And yet not a dream, but a mighty reality-a glimpse of the higher life, the broader possibilities of humanity, which is granted to the man who, amid the rush and roar of living, pauses four short years to learn what living means”

This seems to sum up all that college represents to me. It’s a transition phase, a phase when we haven’t fully crossed childhood and still on the verge of embarking the world of adults. A transition made so much easier and pleasant by MSIT amid the comfort of its warm red-brick structure. I remember how many of my friends used to complain about the building seeming half-built but I always loved the way it looked, red brick building in the canopy of beautiful greenery.

!st year brought about with it, a series of changes, making me realize that life would never be the same again .It also gave a sense of independence-from choosing what to wear each day, to boarding buses, to going to the Freshers’ party- I knew college was DIFFERENT from school. Slowly the changes started to settle in. The laughter, the yawns, the moans and groans with same people everyday brought friends together- friends worth keeping for a lifetime. Together we had canteen discussions, bus discussions, together we bunked, together we slogged, together we went to District Centre- a favourite haunt of all MSITians and together we went participating in fests and of course not to forget-the Ed board meetings.

Finally when placements started, I saw how vividly college had bonded people from different grounds together. The joys and sorrows in placement processes can never be forgotten. These 4 years have helped so much in the overall growth.
Ultimately credit goes to MSIT for giving all a solid ground to stand on after college. Many careers have been made here but more importantly, it’s equipped us to go into the adult world that now beckons us.

During this last year most people have been busy in various entrance exams and college has not seemed the same with half classes empty. But it does make me realize the value of these beautiful memories created over the span of 4 years .Ultimately we take the best of each phase forward for me that includes all the lessons learned here –about life and of course my friends-some there since the start and some of us got to know each other so late that I wonder why we waited so long. But each is a treasure worth keeping. Thanx MSIT for such glorious memories and for making this journey so beautiful and experiences so enriching.