Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Sometimes so lonely at heart
When with loved ones we part
They move so far apart
It gets difficult to make a fresh start

Each tree I lean on breaks
And with it heart shatters and shakes
My soul trembles and quakes
When all around high are the stakes
A tiny blow is all it takes
To make life seem full of only fakes
Some Random Thoughts

Friendship is not about judgement but about acceptance.
If you someone to change according to your wishes then you don't truly consider them your friend.In friendship one needs to value the others' opinion.

The greatest need of everyone is to be needed.

The one thing that gets us into the worst kind of fix is "desire".When we desire something and we dont get it, we feel miserable.We keep chasing after it till we achieve get our desires satiated.....but that never really happens.......
for a little while we feel calm but after that again our mind is in a turmoil.We look for something else to chase.That's the problem.....coz if desires are fulfilled they just lead to more desires.......its neverending process.And crazy too 'cause true happiness comes from within as i recently heard someone say.External factors can only influence it toa slight extent.