Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Green eyed monster

Green eyed monster
ripping me apart in mind
making me to all reason blind
from where does it come?
and why does it come?

green eyed monster
making blood rush through my veins
giving the heart all sorts of pains
why don't you leave me alone?
why not go somewhere else to moan?

green eyed monster
bring out the worst in me
for everyone dear or see known to see
where does it reside?
when does its power subside?

green eyed moster
making me lose all control
and forget my goal
why is it so strong?
does it mean i think all wrong?

green eyed moster
who lies in us all
based on our weakest link,our downfall
who is your one?

Isn't it as futile as a gun.

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