Sunday, December 21, 2008


They were a new "couple", even that word seemed foreign that time, but they had starry eyes and they were happy, ohh so blissfully happy with each other. At the same time, they were a couple with values and limits and willingness to follow that.
But they were carefree like kids, walking together holding hands and talking as they walked out of college for the day, both having done well in "final practicals". Suddenly out of no where ,came 3 men and started shouting at them. "Don't you know how to walk in college. Do you think this is a garden?" The spell was broken.
The girl was scared, the guy irritated. Neither was actually "punished", only lectured. Some would say "forget it", it hardly affected them. No, at the practical level it hardly did. But what about their lost peace of mind and lost carefreeness? How does one go about measuring that?

At the same time another solitary girl was walking into the same college being verbally harassed by rude and "suggestive" teacher. But there was no one to help her. There was another group of students "discussing" their exams as the invigilator had conveniently gone out "for a while" . There no one to help the girl and no one to monitor the group may be because the trio was too busy talking about "this generation" not knowing "how to walk".

So through this blog, I am going to be bold enough to say, no I don't feel "Public Displays of Affection"( of such forms) are wrong. In this world full terrorism, why should love be suppressed? Love like laughter is contagious and seeing a couple happy together would make or at least should make people smile and feel good. Yes I agree that there should be limit and intimacies should be avoided and those people discouraged. But why should all others of the generation suffer and be blamed for them? Give them a break, let them enjoy being happy. Hugging someone or holding hands isn't going to kill anyone! Take your time out to catch bigger and more dangerous issues troubling the society.......there are plenty!


pisku said...

Its strange sometimes isn't it. The values of successive generations are so very different and such incidents are case in point

Phoenix said...

Attribute it to different thinking again, but mostly I dont even count holding hands or a small hug as PDA. Really, I dont think twice about it, thats how innocuous it is to me. I hold hands with my frnds so often, forget the bf. I think it's more a comfort level thing than any comment on "values"

aditi said...

Its just dat as time progresses we get more open.
That's just it. Suppose you were going casually with a friend and someone reacted this then how would you feel?
We don't consider it, but some people do so then there's conflict.