Sunday, August 10, 2008

Right or wrong

There seems to be no absolute "right". It amazes me how our views change from what we find wrong until we are in a similar situation and wonder why we didn't give others the benefit of doubt. But what's confusing is this way it can get difficult to know what to do. It only helps in telling us to be less judgemental about others.

I remember my very wise Sanskrit teacher once telling us about"Vivek" -the ability to know right from wrong-which distinguishes humans from non-humans. How does that come into play now.I wish I could ask her:( Some teachers are too good to be ever forgotten and I have been very lucky to have many such supporting my throughout my career...even now...they play a "too vital" role. I mean I have never been an extrovert but these gem of people draw can you out and there no need of personal talk or nonsense chitchat. Sometimes pure understanding and relations require very few words. I guess sometimes I remember my teachers more than friends, from childhood, except few close ones.

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