Sunday, June 29, 2008

New age political criteria

The polititians want to set reservations everywhere even when they aren't required and only seem to create barriers which don't really exist in this generation and they seem find great pleasure in targeting India's pride-The IIT's.

Well I would love to give it back to them. Let them make decisions for us when they are equal to it. Let there be stringent criteria for people to enter into politics.

I would suggest
1)a minimum graduate degree/ some specialized course
2)with at least 4 years' worth social service and
3)some kind of specialist training institutes could be opened to give moral training as well( may be 6 months' worth).

Well after that, if they decide this then I promise not to object to their decision and neither would others I guess!

And no I am not crazy. The country's leaders need to be educated, sensitive to plight of the people and aware of moral responsibilities.
And each is covered in this criteria. But who will implement it?????


Tapasya said...

Kuch nahi hone wala. Its the keechad me kamal story.

aditi said...

Someday it will become ok..mark my words...

mostlybhu said...

words mark karke kya hoga.. lets do something :)

aditi said...

Any suggestions?:)

Phoenix said...

You have good intentions, but kabhi hoga nahi. Politics just gets worse, n worse, n worse.

Geetika said...

The best thing can be educated people like you who really want to make a difference shd join the politics. People who can think wisely and are honest to society. But they shd not lose their own ideas n character after geting into.

mostlybhu said...

ohh a lots.. rite now working for the education aspect.. long way to go..check out and if u r interested we can discuss further :)

aditi said...

Well after worst it can only get better!

But requires lots of people...and lots of dedication

Sure seems interesting