Thursday, April 03, 2008

Some random thoughts (converse converse)

Anne Frank rightly said" Despite everything I still believe in human goodness".
And as I would the worst never happens, things do becomes ok "somehow".

Anther thought.......If we knew and understood each other perfectly then there would be nothing left to say, no words. It's always in the "getting to know stage" that you have maximum words,queries. After someitme things become implicit. Then queries are only regarding different interpretations. It would be so motonous and dull if someone agreed to your would be like talking to new ideas......
'Coz each person in relation with us is like multiple gifts wrapped in many layers...each layer unravelling a particularly beautfiul and unique gem.....
After sometime this is what happens to converstions of some old friends.......
Hi hru?
Im fine, hru?
And what's happening these days?
Nothign new yaar, what about you?
Nothing here either.
Sad to hear these kind of conversations replacing the long chats and long days you may have once spent with those people.Why does it happen?Because if someone is in touch with our everyday realities then we can relate to them...but to someone else we wonder where to begin the to explain...and we end up keeping quiet....
That's no based on's based on how well you are connected....and that in turn is based on how much you try and how much effort you are willing to put into being connected.
If despite distance you are willing to update then this never happens.
Of course no updates don't ever mean no care, they just display the fats life around us and how we allow oursleves to get entrapped within it.


Tapasya said...

The conversations of that sort happen in only 2 cases:

1. When you have so much to say that you dont know where to start and most of those things are such that you dont want to burden the person who's sitting miles away from you with issues that cannot be resolved.

2. You are so loaded with work that you tend to ignore 90% of the pings that you get.

In our case, both of those apply.

aditi said...

Hmmm......I was talking about the first case only.......
But it's not necessary that the other person is miles happens even with people you meet often and who are near enough...but in a different society...
And noone gets burdened but ppl who matter