Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Life Changes, so do people

Life seems to be so easily represented in phases and each phase to meet represents people. Of course some people continue through all phases , for those we are lucky. But there are others whom we wish to stay forever but they don't. Sometimes they never really go away physically and just grow apart. At other times, the physical distance gradually draws you apart. I never expected this but it happens sometimes. It's when changes happen so slowly that you never notice them that they hurt. You don't miss those people, you miss that time, that phase, which can of course never be repeated.

It's like when you go away from college and you continue to meet old friends, it's normal but when you can't even do that, you miss "those days " so much more.

It's the people who make memories not phases. But when people change, you look for good memories in those phases.

Why do people change?


Phoenix said...

There's no getting away from it. There's something different and something good about each phase though, and thats the only hope tha can make one go on.

aditi said...

True but it still gets to you at times to see same people near but not close anymore