Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fun or the usual ?

A month or so and I feel as if I have ripped myself out of the bloggerworld forever. Strangely enough, there was no reason. Life was the same. Mundane. Well not even mundane because exciting things also happened and they continue to keep happening. But something seems missing. Life seems boring despite changes. After a while, the usual fun activities aren't fun anymore. They become just that-usual. They eat up out time and yet give you no real pleasure. Like watching any series or playing games like "Farmville" or even going out to the same place always. Life needs novelty. Like reading or watching a movie. The good thing is that they end. They don't possess you for very long. Few days at max. But these other activities don't go away. They possess you and drive you away from activities which are actually fun. They eat up your time.

Same way, eating same thing everyday, even if you love it, will make you lose its flavor after a while. And all you will gain will be fat.

Same reason why people generally don't take up their hobbies as work because after a while someday, work will just work. Whereas hobbies will retain your passion because of their very irregularity.

And in the same, people probably tend fear marrying the one they love or loving their best friend. Because as you move from one level to the other, the comfort increases but that also means the passion relaxes into its own comfort zone.

Comfort though does have its advantages but living requires much more. And so does writing. Writing and comfort do not go hand in hand.