Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cheer up!

OK so how can I avoid the tradition of not blogging when I am busiest?
This one comes after long time. And I have nothing to write.
It can happen sometimes that you take yourself too seriously and that can be very harmful because if you look for reasons as to why you are upset, you find 10 more which you didn't know and you will go down further. This is a continual process.
Whats helps more is to pamper yourself and look out for something nice. Forget what others should or shouldn't do. Vent out all and let go.
What I have learnt again and again is that it's best to speak out then let things eat you away.
In comments I want more "good cheer up tricks".
I am making a start :
1) A good long conversation
2) A good big hug (no don't wink, I mean by parents :P)
3) A good novel.....sigh!
4) Chocolate
5) Work...yes work satisfaction is a great high!
6) Going out if time permits
7)A good new dress
8) Window shopping also does the trick for me!
9) inspires...provided India wins :P
10) Doodling, be it of any form also works its wonders...c pic in right!


Prasoon said...

make a long conversation with who aditi if no one is listening. Vent out on blog to who if no one is reading? There is only so far you can go with hugs and chocolates na?

Ankur said...

Very nice blog and a very traditional blogger i must say ;) i always believed the same that we need to pamper ourself ..
I nice movie will help...
A good ride can help....
Dining out with friends or family at your favourite place ...
Talking about problem more then thinking about problem will help...
According to my personal experience i can say when ever i tried to work on weekends instead of meeting friends or .... a negative thought comes to mind that this work is affecting my personal life which depresses me and i can't work even 50%...
So I specially go out to meet friends on weekends so that i can believe my life is enjoyable and i am doing what i want and in the process i am able to do at least 90% work if not 100 % ....

aditi said...

There is always someone listening somewhere, we just don't realize that at times

Great Suggestions:)Just that sometimes we need to pamper ourselves by ourselves alone instead on being dependent even on close ones.

Geetika said...

You have already covered most of the points but I suggest
>> Sitting alone and thinking(of course positive thinking :D)
>> Good music!! Play some good, cheerful music n enjoy!! :)
>> Good food!! If time doesnt permit to go out then order a pizza and call friends! (I usually do this in hostel!). Trust me it works ;)
>> If possible buy flowers. They really cheer u up.

aditi said...

Reply [Geetika]
Cool Suggestions:)...esp pizza one!