Friday, June 06, 2008

Random Writing Test:)

Usually I blog when I have something to say.Something stays in mind my for few hours if not few days. But this one is different. This is random to nothingness blog!Lwt's see what comes out in 15mins!

Sometimes you get overwhelmed when you realise how much you are loved
Sometimes you wish you could give that bit more instead of being lazy
Sometimes the best of things happen when all seems hazy
Sometimes you fear going crazy

The day doesn't end as it starts
Moods are like shades
Joy comes as sorrow fades
The teacher of life gives unexpected grades

So never despair or fear
Its ok to indulge, buy that new dress
It's ok to relax, no need to overstress
And of your leisure freely confess

For after some time with double vigor you will work
Coz leisure feel even better after works' pleasure
All moments with loved one's being an equal treasure
For love and work have no measure


mostlybhu said...

nice attempt :)
how about this for a random writing test:
it was written in less than 10 min

Phoenix said...


Tapasya said...

How do you manage to find so mnay rhyming words :P

aditi said...

Cool!Enjoy this kind of exercise!


Ha ha ha ..I think ..tabhi to theyr are as simple as my vocab:P

Tapasya said...

You are tagged madame ;P