Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This comes a bit late but didn't know what to write about this subject yet couldn't leave it either.
The point is, we don't really know how to react. Only those who are directly affected know what they have lost. And some are not even alive to know that anymore. And they were innocent bystanders. With friends. With families. With work. With dreams and wishes. With a reason to celebrate and shop in this case. And suddenly it's doomsday. And so on for their families also because family is also a living unit and each part is connected to other parts. Yes time heals everything. I still don't understand how but I have to believe that it does. But questions aren't wounds to be healed. I mean who can answer the "whys"?

No, terrorism doesn't really create "terror" anymore. People don't really get scared. They take part in the drama. They sypathise. And they move on. Except a few who probably can never. So what's the purpose? Why don't they ever go and kill the people who do affect them? And why don't they go and kill the devil inside themselves?

Ok, I know it's wistful thinking.sigh.


Geetika said...

Know what we are now sort of immune to all these serial blast business. People prefer to stay out of this game n live normal life! Donno how far we can run from terrorism! But running away is nt the solution.

«« hAdez »» said...

well, thrz this thing about 'the wars' .. they are inevitable. You can chk the entire history strting from adam n eve.

btw .. do you take part in the drama ???

aditi said...

Exactly but it's as if we are runnign out of solutions.

But this isn't a war. In the war, civilians are hurt lesso ften than in terrorism.

Not externally. But I don't know really.I usually don't talk about it much. But yes I do scan the news like everyone else and I don't knwo why I do that when i can't help and when I am not directly affected

Anonymous said...

basically we 'ld not comment on such things ->purpose of terrorism
those r immatured half-wits and
we 'ld understand the root-cause for that and act accordingly

rahul said...

very media channels make news about the victims of blasts like juicy soap, and the viewers are ready to gulp it down,as piece of entertainment.
No one wants to help, to know what happens to their families they just wanna experience a moment of poignance ,shed a tear or two ,and that's it they have done their bit!!!

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