Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dreasm N Wishes

A beginning of a story,
Like a newborn, full of glory.

Rusty,ruty, me still so rusty,
So don't be fusty!

Dreams and wishes
Surely the wind swishes.

Roses and crushes,
Softly the sky hushes.

What your hand fishes,
Needn't be what life dishes.

Wishes are smiles
And goals to walk miles.

If life is a heart,
Where are all your fantasies in and out dart,
Then dreams are like heartbeat
To see how you your destiny meet.

Nothing is more dead than no dreams
No, not even dead dreams,
Which can awaken after a spell,
But how and when only time can tell

1 comment:

yash said...

you write very well..
keep it up