Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Love and friendship

Nothing can be better than having someone with whom you can share anything in the world and to feel safe and know that they understand

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Do terrorists have no conscience?

Do terrorists have no conscience? And if they do then how can they live with themselves after killing people...people who they never even knew?
And if they do then are so brainwashed that they believe they are doing right? Are they actually mad?
If so should they be pitied?
I mean you are only wrong if you know that you doing wrong and you continue to do so...
So should the people who train be blamed? Do they do this for private gains? Who is to blame and how can religion be responsible? I mean anyone who believes in God sincerely would realise that religion is something sacred and private and universal. Religions are just different ways of communicating with God. But even the heart is enough for that. To listen your conscience is the truest religion.God cannot like his own creations being harmed...least of all by themselves.
Why don't people understand this simple truth. It's so sad and yet mind boggling.

Andar se yeh awaz aayi hai

Hanste hanste bhi zindagi bhi mein ek khamoshi si chhai hai
Naa jaane kahanse is bheed mein aayi yeh tanhaai hai

Bhaagte bhaagte ek thakaan si aayi hai
Theher ke dekho kabhi, kahan khogayi apni hi parchhayi hai

Har kaamyabi ke piche koi na koi hansi murjaayi hai
Aage badte badte kyunki guzare zamane ki pukar yeh hawa laayi hai?

Sabkuch hote hue kyun kabhi aankhon mein ek nami aayi hai?
kyun rehti hai talash waisi jo kabhi naa poori ho paayi hai?

Apni dil ki gunj to chipaaye na chip paayi hai
Bhulte nhi bhulati kuch baatien yeh aaj fir kaisi yaad aayi hai?

Waqt ne fir yeh kaisi bhuli hui dhun sunayi hai?
Judi hai humse jo yaadein vo kuch chahyi anchahyin hai

Suraj ke hote hue bhi roshni mein parchayi hai
Raasta seedha tha par fir kyun itni thokkar humne khaayi hai?

Andar se yeh awaz aayi hai
Shayad thoda deere hai chalna humein jisse asmaan na sahi , zameen to nazar mein aayi hai.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Movies and Novels...

Learning is what you remember after you have forgotten...
Read lots of novels...wanted to share two...
To kill a mockingbird....Fell below my expectations but loved this sentence...
"I didn't love reading. You don't love to breathe".

Next one...Witch of Portobello and Brida...selected lots of quotes in them...will pen them sometime but too lazy right now....

But what I remember most has almost nothing to do with the theme but it stuck to me( maybe not exactly same words)....
"Do not be irritated but doing dishes or making food...be glad that you have food to make ...and be glad that you have people to share it with you... millions don't."

Read "A walk to remember" and watched the movie also. For the first time I say that the movie is better. It's no unique story...but it's portrayed with such delicateness and subtlety that it's beautiful.
A guy asks her dad for asking the girl out on a date.
The guy asks before he kisses .
The guy fulfils all her dreams before she dies.
The girl guides him to his dreams.
The girl's dad and the guy remain in touch.

"Yup I am romantic any day of the year"...if you can say this, it's a movie of your dreams...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Who knows whats good for you

Had read about the New York law of writing calorie count next to the fast food item....hmm We could do with that law here I guess!

But on second thoughts I wonder if it is a good idea...I mean why not just let people get a life -even out of eating if they enjoy it and are passionate about it. Life is short. But making it sweet can make shorter still!

It's a paradox!

But I personally feel that anything that creates passion is worth it ...it makes you come alive...But passion shouldn't be addiction...And yet I can't think of pasison as but that!

Another paradox.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Don't pity your aloneness(not lonliness), enjoy solitude when you get a chance, you wouldn't get it too often!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

What matters

It's not always the big things. It's not the strangers at work place. It's the everyday things with people who are part of our everyday life that matter the most. Just because they will understand doesn't mean we should concentrate on the rest...it just gives us more of a reason to take care in those little everyday actions...they would appreciate at heart and we would also feel much better.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


There seems to be stalemate in life...
nothing to say ,
nothing to hear
how to bear,
as life tumbles into the ocean of nothingness,
nothingness camouflaged by busyness,
the heart dissolves into emptiness