Saturday, June 12, 2010

A new world, a new post

OK! So it's been a while! I know I haven't posted anything in a long time. But somehow I also felt as if blogging had got stagnated all around me.

Well I am back now and hopefully with a more regular thought sharing process in my system. The problem is that to share thoughts, you need to register them. But sometimes, you just like to be numb. Not feel anything. Not think anything. It's not always due to pain. It can be sheer laziness.But usually hidden beneath the layers of indifference, lies some kind of fear. A fear of confrontation of our thoughts.

The title is deceptive in this case. There is no new world right now, for me at least. Just that I am going live the old one differently. Like it is said

"We can never make a new beginning, but we can always start afresh and make a new ending."

It's time to wake up! And as usual, whenever there's work to be done, I end up writing. I guess people would call it procrastination but it does help clear the mind. It's like after a long slumber one needs to a cup of tea at least before starting the day.
AND when pulling all-nighters , that becomes several cups of tea. So maybe that's what blogging all about for me. It wakes me up. It makes me see reality as it is before me.

Would just like to add :

Rasta hai lamba
Manzil ka nishan nhi
Safar hai thoda akela sa
Dil mein humsafar to hai
Par ankhon mein uske kadamon ka nishan nhi
Yun to chalte chalte mur sakte hain hum bhi kahin
Manzil milegi har mor par hai ek nayi,
Par kahin aur jaane ki koi chah bhi to nhi

Ab yahan tak aa gaye hain, ab aage bhi jayen!!!

(PS :I know am a bit rusty ...been long.)
BTW, I like this new layout but more than that I like the variety that's been offered by Blogger. It's been fun trying out different types of layouts.


Bhushan said...

What a post, what a template.. awesome comeback !! super 'like' :-)

True that sometimes we dont feel like registering our thoughts, experiences and the atmosphere around. But when we do come out it is simply inevitable to realise that no matter what the means sharing is always beautiful. As it goes 'Life is in the living'.

really nice poem.. ab aage bhi jayenge !!

aditi said...

Thanks, feels good to be back:)

Tapasya said...

Lovely template, wonderful post! The quote is wonderful, and very practical. We always seek new beginnings.. instead, we should live the old world differently, like you said.

Keep writing :)

aditi said...

Thanks dear. The quote is very helpful...when I can remember it!
Mean to write more regularly now.

MangoManBunty said...

fear of confronting thoughts...wonderful!

whenever there's work...we end up writing...natural process hai shayad...ya shayad procrastination!

mohabbatein template :D

aditi said...



Template...u maybe right...didn't notice that way then!