Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Two sides of a coin

Being faraway ,being busy doesn't mean being apart.
Just as being near alone doesn't mean being close.

Longing need not mean getting more than your due
interaction of soul needn't always be true

Having expectations doesn't mean they will be fulfilled.
Just as being scared doesn't mean all will be lost.

Relaxing need not mean being asleep.
just as dreams don't come just when asleep

Working need mean being enforced.
Holidays need not mean fun.

Philosophy isn't practical
but then the heart isn't logical

Sometimes it's necessary to be pragmatic
but sometimes it's good to believe in magic


sandeip said...

words..empty..decietful words...
they dont mean anything..bring false hope..for a moment light up the world with their coruscating brilliance..and dreams shimmer,almost palpable..almost true..and then..like the flash of shooting star..darkness..empty..cheating words..false dreams..hopes..nothingness

Prasoon said...

Beautiful lines - sum up almost everything in me but then, am unable to follow all the "buts" and all the first lines disturb me enough.

aditi said...

[Reply sandeip]
Why so highly pessimistic?
Reply prasoon]
The first lines are required but they become easier if we know second lines also exist

Tapasya said...

Nice! I liked this one...honestly.

aditi said...

[Reply Taps]
:)Glad you did!