Monday, October 30, 2006

To be or not to be..........

A few questions....what's better to trust and to be fooled or not to trust at all?
Whats better, to allow people to take advantage of you sometimes(because they will) or to be so careful that you are never hurt but that's just because you never allow yourself to feel anything?
Why should you have to make yourself horrible just because some others can't be good?
But else is possible?
People blame you for being fooled..never those cunning others.
There is no moderate situation which we keep seeking in life...either we remain completely pure and face the consequences in the name goodness
we give a blow for blow and destroy our soul in the process of defending ourselves.
There is no such thing as "partially trusting people"

The problem with former is that it doesn't allow us to be happy or at peace with ourselves in spite of the fact the we right.We wonder why we suffer having done no wrong.Life seems unfair.

And the problem with latter is that we are never happy primarily because we know in our hearts that what we are doing is wrong.To hold feeling against someone is almost worse than actaully doing them wrong... its like attacking from behind.
To trust completely and then have it broken is heartbreakingly tough,but to never fully trust out of this fear is equally distrauting.

The "feel good " factor

"The worst quite never matter what.
Ultimately there is some good in everything"

This is what is resounding in my mind these days.And it reinforces my belief in GOD.Every situation,no matter how hopeless it might seem,does improve eventually.I meaan, life seems so strange when moment we cry as broken forever and the next moment something happens and life is ok again.And its not always that something big happens, often its the small pleasures of life which make it so lovely and magical.
The small pleasures of being able to laugh your heart out, of being understood, of being successful(even if in just completing a day's schedule)...anything.sometimes hope comes in the least expected way,but we just know in our heart that now life will stabilise again...when there is total darkness, even a ray of light is enough to give us hope...and that ray always comes,we just need to wait long enough with faith...
"so when you want to give up, hold on just a little longer"
Afterall difficulties area part and parcel of life.Without them,we wouldn't be able to realise the value of pleasure.Pain not only makes us stronger but also helps us grow from within.We become more aware othes' feelings and situations only if we have gone through some tough situation.And in those hardest moments also do we realise the value of lovedones who are there to depend upon when most gives a sense of security and peace.And to be able to lift someone from that strom is better still.So next time you feel helpless, help someone else...and you will end up helping yourself!We need people around us.No man can be an island.We all need to be reassured sometimes,cared and cherished and valued ...It's a basic need,which if acknowledged would solve most of out confusions.Its ok to seekout wellwishers around you and ask for support when feeling weak instead of isolating yourself and brooding.And be willing to do the same for others whenevr you have the opportunity.The soul also needs to be fed sometimes.And it feeds on that"feel good"factor that comes when we are carefreely happy and relaxed and makes the heart cry out