Wednesday, April 01, 2009

To you with love

Each person who has shared a deep conversation (even if once) with us or has been part of our lives for no matter how small a duration, gets added to life's history, our memories and also our heart. This one is for my people....right from the friends I had in nursery to the people with whom things couldn't work out, to the people with whom I shared just a few good moments to the ones I love. I am glad you were/are a part of my life. You all made me learn something, about life and about myself.

  • Maybe we talk everyday and you know I appreciate you, still what's the harm in a reminder? You are the best!
  • Maybe we talk/meet talk everyday but I am too in awe to tell you that I appreciate you..please understand it still. This one is esp true for elders+ teachers. I also respect you.
  • Maybe we keep in touch occasionally but are still close...all know that I do value our time together and miss you and feel good to still be in touch
  • Maybe we were once close but now don't talk anymore...please know that in life, somethings just don't work out. That doesn't mean that I don't care . I carry memories with me and cherish them still.
  • Maybe we once had a wonderful single conversation/ shared a few good times ( tough not close ones) ..You made me learn vital things about myself and the world and I appreciate it and you are not forgotten
  • Maybe we are blogger friends...You support my self expression and make me learn new lessons regularly and are good listeners.
  • Maybe I don't even know you but you wrote something I loved... I appreciate it coz novels are almost like friends at times.
Maybe that's why I like social networking sites. They connect us to our world....all aspects are connected together. There so many people in my friends list whom I rarely talk to but it's nice to see what's happening in their life still and be in occasional touch.

Maybe the world is like a wardrobe of ours, we don't wear all clothes always. Some are essentials. Some are our favourites. We grow too old for some.Some are not fancy but just comfortable. We need them. Some are frilly ones which don't last more than a single wearing. But they all covered us at some time.


Phoenix said...

Love the last liness..

Tapasya said...

Me too....last lines are the best.

aditi said...


kshitiz sehgal said...

what to say!!!!!!!!!!1111
so beautifully written
i'd say i liked evry word, but last lines jus put brief the whole gist of life

aditi said...

Hope to see more of your comments and posts in future:)

pisku said...

I loved the last few lines!

Ankur said...

Very nicely written!!!
I also loved the lst line ...
But whats ur view on people with whom we cannot be friends inspite of our wish and effort because they were very much demanding something like expensive cloths in a high class showroom which we cannot afford... or what about people who just looked attractive but they just gave us pain because we tried to be friend with them something like a beautiful looking garment with no fitting as well as having pinching acceseriories in it ...

aditi said...

Interesting question. Clothes too expensive are rarely bought so that's not much of a worry. For the second case, some clothes pinch us but sometimes the excitement of having them makes up for that, even if we can only wear them once in a while. People may give us pain at times but it's still possible to cherish the initial pain-free moments.

Prasoon said...

Good to see this but in contrast, am so opposite. I've left the social network sites, stopped blogging and got out of all places. All this happened just as soon as I lost a friend to a silly mistake of mine.

And I have always tried to walk over my past. The insignificant few I forgot completely and the very close ones are still in the memories and I still curse myself as to why they had to walk out.

Bhushan said...

great last few lines!!
you have a good memory..

aditi said...

Shutting yourself will not solve anything. At times we all do get hurt but that one moment shouldn't overshadow all the good moments you shared.

Thnx :P

Geetika said...

Hmmm.... Brida ;)
Picked up very nice lines.
To be honest, When I logged in I intended to write same sort of stuff today. This one is so touching I really feel like copying it out :)
And for u all I have to say you know I appreciate you, still what's the harm in a reminder? You are the best! :)

aditi said...

Arre...didn't even realise aout the Brida...must have absorbed it! But it must mean differently..
Same for you:)

Vik said...

..So, can I say that a sure shot way to spoil a great piece is an excessive use?

I don't know. I generally end-up "over-respecting" people's personal space, their moments of sitting-alone-and-thinking etc. But it backfires.. they take it as my reluctance to be a part of their world.

Maybe there is an optimum frequency for how often one should wear a particular piece of clothing. And it's different for different pieces.

[The world is a messy wardrobe of ours. We don't know who wears whom. But eventually one wears out more than the other. :P Okay, bad pun.]


aditi said...

Hmmm...optimum varies form person to person and from what comfort level we have with that person.

jayant said...

I would say that I have someone very special that falls in the 4th category(rather is on the verge of falling in that).

Beautiful post... I'm sure all the readers can relate to it, like me.

Can't resist following your blog now :)

aditi said...

Thanx, really feels good to hear that:)

jayant said...

I had almost given up on expecting a reply to that and for some reason I assumed that you had stopped writing or something.... only to realise that I've to do a lot of catching up now!!