Monday, September 13, 2010

What to do when sick and in bed

I know I have written for a long time...been ill partly (just a persistant kind of viral) and then had lots to catch upto. But while ill, I realised one thing, it's boring! I mean no matter what the problem is, if you are unwell and need to stay in bed, after sometime the biggest problem is passing time. In some cases, this can be a short duration, in some though, it can be pretty long.So here I would like to compile a list of what to do's and would love others to add to it in comments. Some are pretty common but you get bored of them easily also.

1. Read :If not a novel then short stories.
2. Movies: Have a movie marathon day and try for a hattrick!
3. Serials: Watch Friends/ any old serial that you have watched earlier. The familiarity will bring comfort.
4. Listen to songs.
5. Take the time to catch upto old friends if can talk
5. In many cases, sounds just tend to irritate lots. So try msgs.
6.Crib. Everyone needs a good crib if they are in bed for over 10 days.
7. Cry if it helps. You don't need to save it for big occasions. It's ok to have a good cry once ina while for all the little irritations that pend up.
8. Do NOT plan work. It will just irritate more.
9.Think of beautiful scenes, scented flowers, babies,whatever works.
10.Comedy:Even stupid comedy shows will work for one day.
11. Write if possible
12. Plan on fun things to do later on
13. Think up weird healthy dishes which you are allowed to eat and try them.
14. And of course, sleep lots!
15. This is not always possible, but if it is, then go out for a while one day anyway. It won't make you much worse and it may motivate your system to get well sooner.

Leaving rest open for additions....(I know it's very basic list right now)


Phoenix said...

All the fun ones disappear the moment you realise your sickness is red swollen eye conjuctivitis

Tapasya said...

I would sleep :P

MangoManBunty said...

I'm unwell and in bed since the morn and the only thing I've done is read blogs!

aditi said...

Reply[Phoenix] I hope that is just imagination and not reality for you...that can be a tough one...but it would be even more satisfying to find some good ones for such a time....

[Taps]Do you mean sleep or dream:P :P

[MangoManBunty]Hmmm..Hope you had a speedy recovery..yup that's also a good idea but little more tiring...esp if commenting :P