Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And the PG Express continues........

What to pack before you set forth in your journey as a research scholar

What you should have........
  1. Passion- to learn more than to succeed
  2. Confidence in yourself
  3. Persistence
  4. Support system of people who have faith in you
And some others.........
  1. Support of your guide
  2. Trust towards your guide
  3. A topic!
But these are common, lets move onto the fun ones which you should "pack" much like a first aid kit for a trip of wilderness :
  1. Your favorite "failure poem" or rather motivating poem.Mine personally is "Don't Quit"
  2. Support system of people who are willing to listen to you throw weird ideas at them of which they have little understanding esp at odd times....in the middle of the day (when all are working) or middle of the night (of course that's when it "strikes" us)
  3. Motivational songs -the more dramatic the better-may they make you laugh at the minisculinity of your failure
  4. A creative hobby for your emotional outbursts
  5. Some stupid FB game which you play while "waiting" for your code to generate results or your brain to generate ideas!
  6. A fellow research scholar for constant reassurance that you are not "the only one".
  7. The key to your lab........few will understand this :P!!! (Yes, I do mean literally)


Tapasya said...

Good list. I think the most important thing though is patience. We tend to sometimes over-expect from our own selves...

aditi said...

Very true...patience is most important...esp given the duration...