Monday, September 13, 2010

Commonwealth Games-Show a little loyalty

I think people need to give India a break. I am especially tired of Indians cribbing about our corruption and lack of resources and of people making predictions that CWG won't work in India. Some have even started talking about banning the games internally. I think they should sit and down assess their souls. They lack loyalty. If you haven't got loyalty, you have nothing. No matter what happens within a home, you don't go about slandering your home. So why do it to your nation? What is the media achieving by creating more and more doubts in everyone's minds? It's almost as if celebrities find this an opportunity to cash even if by creating negativity. If they want cheap hype they can do so AFTER the games. At least it won't affect the country's reputation internationally.

Whether the games are a success or not is besides the point.The unexpectedly long monsoons at least are not anyone's fault.But why can't they give everyone a break and just have faith, infuse optimism. Try to find something positive. Surely they can find something. There have been a lot many improvements everywhere. Why not concentrate on that for a change????????


ravi said...

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Tapasya said...

I agree with you. We go on slandering about our own nation, which is not good. Why not be the change you want to be?

MangoManBunty said...

We go on slandering so that we dont get to host some other shit just for the sake of trying to be in the race for Olympics hosting! Hell!

aditi said...


[Taps]Very true.

[MangoManBunty] Why not do well what we do get and prove ourselves first instead of spoiling it also?